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Benno 46er: Pioneering the Future of Urban Mobility with Electric Cargo Bikes


Hailing from the vibrant streets of Berlin, Benno Bikes has earned its reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of urban-focused cargo bikes. In an era where sustainable transportation is gaining precedence, electric cargo bikes are emerging as the epitome of innovation. Benno Bikes, renowned for its commitment to urban solutions, takes a giant leap forward with its latest creation – the Benno 46er. This electric cargo bike not only exemplifies German engineering at its finest but also encapsulates the evolving trends of urban mobility worldwide.

The Rise of Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes have become synonymous with the future of urban commuting. Their compact design and versatility, allowing navigation on cycling paths, have positioned them as viable alternatives to traditional cars. A notable shift is witnessed, especially in Europe and Asia, where densely populated cities create a fertile ground for the growing community of e-bikers. The Benno 46er enters this landscape as a compact yet powerful addition, offering a unique blend of style, functionality, and configurability.

Design and Features

Derived from the lineage of the Benno RemiDemi, a long-wheelbase cargo bike, the 46er brings a new dimension by embracing a more compact form. This adjustment caters to the demands of navigating tight and congested urban spaces. However, true to its pedigree, the 46er doesn’t compromise on cargo-hauling capabilities. Benno understands the importance of configurability in meeting the diverse needs of urbanites, and the 46er proudly stands as an answer to this call.

Performance Excellence with Bosch Motor Technology

At the heart of the Benno 46er’s performance lies the advanced Bosch motor, offering a choice between the Performance Line CX or Performance Speed motor. The latter, available in select markets, caters to speed enthusiasts with a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Regardless of the chosen motor, the 46er is equipped with a robust 500-watt-hour InTube battery pack, ensuring an impressive range and convenient charging. This emphasis on sustained energy highlights its suitability for daily commuting in urban landscapes.

Cargo-Hauling Capabilities

What sets the Benno 46er apart is its exceptional cargo-hauling capabilities. With a total weight capacity of 190 kilograms, it can carry 60 kilograms on the rear rack, accommodate up to 120 kilograms in rider weight, and carry an additional 10 kilograms of cargo up front. The bike’s manageable weight of 30 kilograms, coupled with a single frame size and multiple adjustment points, ensures a comfortable and adaptable ride for users of varying sizes. The mullet setup, featuring a 26-inch wheel at the front and a 24-inch wheel at the back, enhances stability, while the suspension fork smoothens the ride on uneven surfaces.

The Future Unveiled

In conclusion, the Benno 46er represents more than just a compact electric cargo bike; it symbolizes the ongoing transformation of urban mobility. As cities worldwide grapple with congestion and environmental concerns, the 46er stands as a beacon of sustainable transportation. Benno Bikes, through meticulous engineering and a keen understanding of urban needs, has crafted a vehicle that not only promises an efficient and stylish commute but also contributes to the larger narrative of building eco-friendly, people-centric cities. The 46er is not merely a bike; it’s a statement – a statement that the future of urban mobility is indeed electric, versatile, and carried effortlessly on the streets of Berlin.

Benno 46er: Pioneering the Future of Urban Mobility with Electric Cargo Bikes
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