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Here’s Why The Polestar 4 and 5 Don’t Have A Rear Window

In a surprising departure from the norm, Polestar has chosen to do away with rear windows in their 4 and 5 models, sparking curiosity and a touch of controversy. Let’s delve into the design philosophy and engineering brilliance that led to this unconventional decision.

The Polestar 4 and 5 Unveiling: A Striking Revelation

Polestar Day recently unveiled the production-intent design of the Polestar 5 sedan, following the earlier debut of the Polestar 4, both sharing a distinctive feature – the absence of rear windows. What seemed like a mere style choice has turned into a deliberate design direction for Polestar, challenging traditional automotive norms.

Graeme Lambert Unveils the Mystery

Graeme Lambert, the Design and Technology PR lead for Polestar Global, sheds light on the reasoning behind this design shift. Beyond the stylistic allure, Lambert emphasizes the challenges faced in achieving a low, sleek roofline while maintaining structural integrity and safety.

The Design Conundrum: Form vs. Function

Polestar designers were confronted with a unique challenge: creating low-slung, aesthetically pleasing cars with a full-length glass roof without compromising safety or structural integrity. The solution? Remove the rear window, allowing for a repositioning of the structural member that ties the car’s sides together.

Safety and Style in Harmony

Lambert asserts that the absence of the rear window enables the structural member to be placed further back on the body, maintaining both solid handling and robust crash ratings. This innovative approach ensures that safety isn’t compromised for the sake of style, creating a harmonious balance between aesthetics and engineering.

Rear Visibility: A Trade-Off for Technology

Acknowledging the common challenge of reduced rearward visibility in modern crossovers due to thick pillars, Lambert poses a thought-provoking question: “How often do you really look behind you, anyway?” Polestar addresses this concern by replacing the rearview with an advanced camera, promising an expanded field of vision for the driver.

Is Polestar Setting a Trend?

With the Polestar 4 and 5 embracing a rear window-less design, the automotive industry is left to wonder – is this a glimpse into the future of car design? Lambert’s insights provoke contemplation about safety, style, and the evolving role of technology in automotive innovation.

Polestar’s bold move challenges conventional design norms, demonstrating that safety and style can coexist in the world of electric vehicles. As the automotive landscape evolves, Polestar’s unique approach invites us to question what’s truly essential in car design and whether others will follow suit. The absence of rear windows may just be the beginning of a new chapter in automotive aesthetics and safety.

Here’s Why The Polestar 4 and 5 Don’t Have A Rear Window
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