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Hornback X1: India’s Innovative Folding E-Bike with 28-Inch Wheels

Electric folding bikes have revolutionized urban commuting, and India’s Hornback X1 takes the concept to the next level. Unveiling a unique blend of innovation and convenience, the Hornback X1 challenges the norm with its patented folding mechanism and larger-than-usual 28-inch wheels. In this article, we’ll delve into the features that set the Hornback X1 apart in the world of folding e-bikes.

HornBack X1 Folding Bike

Hornback X1: Defying Convention with 28-Inch Wheels

Folding Frame with a Twist

Developed from the non-electric M1 model by engineers in Hyderabad, the Hornback X1 stands out with its 28-inch wheels, addressing a common limitation in many folding e-bikes. The patented folding mechanism allows the rear wheel to fold towards the bike’s side, earning it the nickname “Hornback” for its distinctive handlebar design.

Motor and Battery Integration

Equipped with a 36-Newton-meter rear motor and a 7.65-Ampere-hour battery neatly positioned on the luggage rack, the Hornback X1 combines power with practicality. While lacking extra cargo space, the design ensures a clean and streamlined look. The bike offers a pedal-assist range of 45 kilometers (28 miles) and 35 kilometers (22 miles) with throttle-only mode.

Design and Functionality: A Closer Look

Sturdy Build with Rear Casters

Weighing 24.5 kilograms (54 pounds) due to its robust steel frame, the Hornback X1 may not be the lightest, but it compensates with rear casters for easy rolling and stability when stored. The bike features 160mm disc brakes and a Shimano Tourney seven-speed derailleur for reliable braking and smooth gear shifting.

Handlebar-Integrated Screen

Despite lacking mudguards and a kickstand, the Hornback X1 includes a handlebar-integrated screen managing lighting and directly linked to the battery. This tech-savvy addition enhances user experience and adds a modern touch to the bike.

Market Appeal and Pricing

Exclusive to India at a Competitive Price

Priced at 45,000 rupees (about $540), the Hornback X1 caters to the Indian market as an appealing alternative. While exclusive to India, its innovative design and features may inspire e-bike makers globally as electric folding bikes continue to gain popularity.

Conclusion: Hornback X1 – A Trailblazer in Folding E-Bikes

In conclusion, the Hornback X1 emerges as a trailblazer in the world of folding e-bikes, challenging conventional design norms with its 28-inch wheels and unique folding mechanism. Its innovative features, coupled with competitive pricing, make it a noteworthy addition to India’s electric mobility landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving world of electric bikes!

Hornback X1: India’s Innovative Folding E-Bike with 28-Inch Wheels
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