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Hyundai extends free EV charger offer with IONIQ 5/6, Kona electric lease or purchase

In a bid to promote electric mobility, Hyundai introduced an enticing offer back in September: a complimentary EV charger with the purchase or lease of specific electric vehicles. This blog post discusses the details of Hyundai’s extended promotion, providing insights into the vehicles eligible for this offer and the benefits it brings to potential EV owners.

The Hyundai Free EV Charger Offer

Hyundai’s promotional deal offers a free ChargePoint L2 Home Flex EV charger valued at $549 MSRP and a generous $600 installation credit through Hyundai Home. This initiative aims to make EV ownership even more accessible and convenient.

Eligible Vehicles

The offer is applicable to the 2023 and 2024 Hyundai IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6, along with the 2023 Kona Electric. These vehicles represent Hyundai’s commitment to electrification and sustainability.

Extension of the Promotion

Originally set to run until the end of October, Hyundai decided to extend the offer due to a positive response. Now, potential buyers have the opportunity to benefit from this promotion until January 2, 2024.

Redemption Process

To claim the free EV charger, customers who purchase or lease an eligible Hyundai EV through Hyundai Motor Finance will receive a coupon code via email within 7-10 days of their transaction.

Installation and Support

Hyundai facilitates the installation process, ensuring that hardwired installations go through Hyundai Home. Customers must schedule installations within 90 days and complete them within 180 days. The automaker also provides the support of energy advisers to assist customers in the entire process, from finding trusted installers to handling permits.

Hyundai Home: A One-Stop Marketplace

Hyundai Home, launched in partnership with Electrum, offers a comprehensive online marketplace for solar panels, energy storage solutions, EV chargers, and local installers. This platform empowers customers to make eco-friendly choices with ease.

Growing Popularity of Hyundai’s EVs

Hyundai has been gaining momentum in the electric vehicle market, with impressive sales figures for models like the IONIQ 5, which set a new October sales record last month. As a growing number of EV owners prefer to charge at home, the inclusion of a free L2 charger becomes a compelling incentive for prospective Hyundai EV buyers.

Conclusion: Hyundai’s extended offer of a free EV charger with the purchase or lease of specific electric vehicles underlines the automaker’s commitment to making electric mobility more accessible. With this promotion, Hyundai seeks to attract environmentally conscious buyers and contribute to the growing popularity of its electric vehicle lineup.

Hyundai extends free EV charger offer with IONIQ 5/6, Kona electric lease or purchase
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