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Iconic Nissan Skyline Set to Electrify Roads with Fastback and SUV Models

Nissan, renowned for its iconic Skyline sports car, is poised to electrify its legacy by reincarnating the legendary model as an electric fastback and an SUV. With a storied history dating back to 1969, the Skyline has evolved through various iterations, culminating in the revered GT-R series. The forthcoming electric revival represents a strategic move by Nissan to blend the sports car’s heritage with cutting-edge electric propulsion, marking a significant shift toward sustainable mobility.

The Historic Journey of Nissan Skyline

Originating in 1969 following the merger with the Prince Motor Company, the Nissan Skyline has cemented its place in automotive history. Notably, the introduction of the GT-R version in the same year marked a turning point, setting the stage for the Skyline’s transformation into an iconic sports car. The R32 Skyline GT-R, unveiled in 1989, achieved legendary status, earning the moniker “Godzilla” and serving as a precursor to the modern Nissan GT-R.

Teasing the Electric Future

In a nod to the future of mobility, Nissan teased an electric R32 Skyline GT-R in March, initially hinting at a conversion project. Subsequent reports from November hinted at a more ambitious plan – the rebirth of the Skyline as an electric SUV. This move aligns with the automotive industry’s broader transition toward electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable technologies.

Electric Skyline SUV: The Ariya Connection

The electric Skyline SUV is expected to be based on the Nissan Ariya platform, an established electric vehicle architecture. Anticipated to make its debut in 2025, the electric SUV is projected to boast over 450 horsepower, potentially making its way to the US market under the Infiniti brand. Drawing a parallel to the current naming convention, the Skyline is marketed as the Infiniti Q50 in North America.

Electrifying the Fastback: A Performance Marvel

Adding to the electrification saga, the report suggests that the Skyline will not be confined to the SUV realm alone. A 4-door electric fastback variant is purportedly in the works, featuring a robust 443 horsepower. The fastback is expected to leverage a dual-motor setup – one in the front and another in the rear – enabling a sophisticated 4-wheel independently controlled drive. This performance-oriented electric fastback is a testament to Nissan’s commitment to combining its heritage with cutting-edge EV technology.

Infiniti’s Electric Vision: A Striking Evolution

In line with these developments, Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury division, recently unveiled the Qe electric sedan concept. Packed with futuristic design elements, including the brand’s distinctive “digital piano key” lighting, the Qe concept serves as a precursor to Infiniti’s foray into the electric vehicle market. Dealers who have had a glimpse of the model have drawn comparisons with the Tesla Model S, emphasizing its size and describing it as a “striking evolution” of the Q70.

Conclusion: Nissan’s decision to resurrect the Skyline as electric fastback and SUV models marks a pivotal moment in the automotive landscape. By blending the heritage of an iconic sports car with the advancements in electric mobility, Nissan aims to redefine its legacy for a sustainable future. The electric Skyline’s dual presence as a performance-oriented fastback and an SUV underscores Nissan’s commitment to offering diverse electric options while ushering in a new era of electrified driving experiences.

Iconic Nissan Skyline Set to Electrify Roads with Fastback and SUV Models
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