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Introducing India’s Most Affordable Electric Car, Priced Lower Than a Bajaj Pulsar!

The Yakuza Karishma is being touted as India’s cheapest electric car, offering affordability and practicality. Here are the details:

About Yakuza Karishma:

Yakuza Karishma is a 3-seat electric vehicle (EV) designed to provide a car-like experience at the price of a two-wheeler.Yakuza is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Sirsa, Haryana, and is developed and produced by Maa Luxmi E-Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.The company has the manufacturing capacity to produce over 200 vehicles per day and also offers a range of electric two-wheelers.

Features of Yakuza Karishma:

The car comes equipped with several features, including LED daytime running lights (DRLs), projector headlamps, LED fog lamps, a broad grille, chrome door handles, connected LED taillamps, a sunroof, power windows, bottle holders, push start/stop button, speakers, a blower, a driver’s instrument display, reverse parking camera, reclining driver’s seat, grab handles for all passengers, openable window, lockable charging port at the rear, alloy wheels, and more.


Yakuza Karishma is powered by a 60v42ah battery, offering a usable range of 50-60 km on a single charge.

Charging the battery from 0 to 100% takes approximately 6-7 hours using a Type 2 charger.

The car is available for booking, and it is reported to have a price of around Rs 1.70 lakh, ex-showroom.


The Yakuza Karishma aims to address challenges associated with electric vehicles in India, including high initial costs, limited charging infrastructure, and range anxiety.

With its competitive pricing, it makes EVs more accessible to a wider audience, potentially promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

The Yakuza Karishma represents an affordable and practical option for individuals looking to transition to electric mobility in India.

Introducing India’s Most Affordable Electric Car, Priced Lower Than a Bajaj Pulsar!
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