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Limited-Time Deal: Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Owners Benefit from 6 Months of Complimentary Supercharging

Tesla Offers 6 Months of Free Supercharging for Model 3 and Model Y in North America

Amidst the anticipation surrounding Tesla’s upcoming high-voltage delivery event for the Cybertruck, an intriguing piece of news has surfaced. The renowned electric carmaker is currently providing a noteworthy incentive to buyers of the Model 3 and Model Y in North America – 6 months of free supercharging. This promotional offer, aimed at boosting sales, is applicable until the end of the year.

Contributing to Sales Growth: Model 3 and Model Y Discounts

In a strategic move to stimulate sales, Tesla has introduced various discounts, including a USD 3,000 reduction to attract potential customers. According to the official Tesla website, purchasers of the Model 3 and Model Y can enjoy complimentary supercharging for the first 6 months, provided they order or take delivery of their new vehicle by December 31, 2023. However, it’s important to note that Tesla retains the right to withdraw this benefit in case of “excessive charging.” A specific term and condition state that Tesla reserves the right “to remove the free Supercharging from your vehicle in the event of excessive charging.”

The impact of these price cuts and incentives appears to be significant, with reports indicating that the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are the most registered electric vehicles (EVs) in the USA from January to September of the current year. This surge in registrations has contributed to a noteworthy 41 percent year-over-year sales growth, totaling 489,454 registered EVs in the USA during the specified period.

Tesla’s Historic Cybertruck Delivery Event

As Tesla prepares for the historic delivery event of the Cybertruck on November 30, the electric car company continues to make waves in the automotive industry. The Cybertruck, with its distinctive angular design and innovative features, represents a paradigm shift in transportation. Scheduled to deliver the first 10 units on November 30, Tesla’s Cybertruck is poised to redefine the driving experience and contribute to a more sustainable automotive future. Elon Musk’s commitment to innovation is evident in the Cybertruck, marking a milestone for Tesla and playing a pivotal role in the evolution of electric vehicles. Enthusiasts and critics alike eagerly await the real-world impact of this groundbreaking vehicle.

Limited-Time Deal: Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Owners Benefit from 6 Months of Complimentary Supercharging
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