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Mag Bike Unveils ET.1 E-MTB: A Lightweight Marvel with a Magnesium Frame and Powerful Brose Motor

Austrian e-bike specialist Mag Bike has rolled out its latest electric mountain bike, the ET.1, showcasing a blend of cutting-edge features designed for performance-oriented riders. The standout feature is its unique magnesium frame, contributing to a 30% weight reduction compared to its aluminum-framed counterpart. Weighing in at 22 kilograms (48.5 pounds), the ET.1 boasts premium components and the robust Brose S Mag motor for an exceptional off-road experience.

Magnesium Frame Innovation

Mag Bike’s ET.1 distinguishes itself with a magnesium frame, a rarity in the bicycle world. The monolithic construction of the frame is engineered to effectively absorb shocks and navigate uneven terrains, enhancing the bike’s off-road capabilities. Despite its lightweight design, the bike is equipped to handle substantial impacts, thanks to a combination of long suspension travel and a sturdy wheel and tire setup.

Performance-Oriented Components

To further elevate its off-road performance, the ET.1 features top-notch suspension components, including a Cane Creek Helm MKII suspension fork and a Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil rear shock, providing an impressive 160 millimeters of suspension travel on both front and rear wheels. The bike boasts a 12-speed drivetrain from Sram, including XX SL Eagle AXS components, and a RockShox Reverb AXS dropper seatpost for quick ergonomic adjustments on diverse terrains. The stopping power is delivered by Hope Tech4 brakes, and the bike rolls on Maxxis Rekon tires.

Powerful Brose S Mag Motor

The heart of the Mag Bike ET.1 lies in its compact and potent Brose S Mag motor. With 90 newton-meters of torque, the motor propels the bike to an assisted top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (15.5 miles per hour). The 725-watt-hour battery unit ensures a reliable power source, although specific range figures are yet to be disclosed. The bike features a Brose Allround display, offering riders an intuitive interface to monitor battery levels and essential ride statistics.

Pricing and Availability

As of the current announcement, details regarding the pricing and availability of the Mag Bike ET.1 remain undisclosed. However, given its high-end specifications, the e-bike is anticipated to command a premium. Interested riders can stay tuned for updates on Mag Bike’s official website for comprehensive information on this lightweight marvel designed for the off-road enthusiast.

Mag Bike Unveils ET.1 E-MTB: A Lightweight Marvel with a Magnesium Frame and Powerful Brose Motor
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