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Mahindra Bolero Electric: Electrifying the Iconic SUV with a New Logo and an Anthem by AR Rahman

“Mahindra’s Electrifying Transformation: ICE SUVs Go Electric with a Futuristic Twist”

Mahindra is set to revolutionize its lineup by electrifying all its existing ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) SUVs. Rather than simple retrofits, these electrified models will be based on the new INGLO platform, boasting significant enhancements while retaining their core identity. Here’s what to expect:

1. A New Beginning: Electrifying the Lineup

Last year, Mahindra unveiled its ambitious born-electric SUV range, featuring models like XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07, and BE.09. Now, the company is taking a bold step by announcing the electrification of all its existing ICE SUVs. These electrified versions will carry a ‘dot e’ suffix to their names.

2. A Platform for the Future

Mahindra is serious about electrification, and these SUVs won’t be your typical retrofits. They’ll be built on the company’s fresh INGLO platform, necessitating some tweaks to accommodate their distinctive body styles. Everything, including the chassis, will be revamped.

3. Powertrains for Every Preference

For upcoming models like Thar.e, Scorpio.e, and Bolero.e, Mahindra is offering a range of powertrain options, including single or dual-motor setups. These electric powertrains will be sourced from reputable names like Volkswagen and Valeo, ensuring performance and reliability.

4. Fresh Looks for a New Era

While preserving the core silhouette and signature features, Mahindra’s electrified SUVs will receive a refreshing makeover. The goal is to infuse a futuristic look and feel, setting them apart from their ICE counterparts while establishing a unique brand identity.

5. New Logo and Sensory Experience

Mahindra is also introducing a new logo for its electrified ICE SUVs, creating a distinct visual identity. Additionally, the company is collaborating with music maestro AR Rahman to craft an innovative sonic identity for its electric vehicles. This partnership aims to enhance the auditory experience, offering meticulously designed sounds and Dolby Atmos audio technology.

6. A Greener Roadmap

Mahindra has ambitious plans to achieve 25% electric SUV sales by 2027. This transformation aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, reflecting its Indian roots while pursuing a greener future on a global scale.

7. What Lies Ahead

While details like pricing, range, and launch timelines remain undisclosed, it’s likely that the XUV.e8, the electric version of the XUV700, will be the next to hit the market. With Mahindra’s electrification strategy in full swing, the future looks promising for both the brand and eco-conscious consumers.

Mahindra’s electrified SUVs are not just a nod to the future; they represent a bold stride towards a greener, more sustainable automotive landscape.

Mahindra Bolero Electric: Electrifying the Iconic SUV with a New Logo and an Anthem by AR Rahman
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