Orxa Mantis Launced in India
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Orxa Mantis Launched In India: Priced at ₹3.60 Lakh

Orxa Mantis

Orxa Energies has just unveiled its latest offering, the Mantis, and it’s making waves in the electric motorcycle arena. Packed with cutting-edge features and an impressive range, the Mantis is set to redefine the electric biking experience.

Performance Powerhouse: Powered by a liquid-cooled motor, the Mantis boasts a peak power output of 20.5kW and a torque of 93Nm. With a claimed top speed of 135kmph and an acceleration time of 8.9 seconds from 0-100kmph, it promises an exhilarating ride for electric bike enthusiasts.

Impressive Range and Charging: The Mantis comes equipped with a non-removable 8.9kWh battery, offering an estimated Indian Driving Conditions (IDC) range of 221km. Charging the battery is efficient, taking 5 hours with the standard 1.3kW charger and 2 hours and 30 minutes with the ‘Blitz’ 3.3kW charger.

Design and Build: Featuring an all-aluminium aerospace-grade alloy frame and subframe, the Mantis stands out with its lightweight design. The motorcycle’s aesthetics are complemented by twin projector LED headlights, a 5-inch TFT instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity, and two stylish color options: Urban Black and Jungle Grey.

Long-Term Ownership Solutions: Orxa has taken a forward-thinking approach to ownership. Partnering with Nunam for end-of-life battery buyback services, they offer a remarkable “40 percent cost advantage.” Spare It, another Bengaluru-based startup, will handle servicing, ensuring a comprehensive support system for Mantis owners.

Charging Infrastructure and Future Plans: To address the charging needs of Mantis owners, Orxa has collaborated with Bolt for fast charging solutions. The company envisions a robust charging infrastructure, with over 100 charging points set to emerge along highways, facilitating seamless long-distance rides.

Environmental Commitment: Orxa’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the road. The company claims that at the end of its life, the Mantis reduces its carbon footprint by 40 percent, thanks to a strategic partnership with Nunam for responsible battery disposal.

Rivalry in the Electric Motorcycle Realm: In the competitive landscape of electric motorcycles, the Orxa Mantis finds itself in rivalry with the Ultraviolette F77. Positioned between the affordable Tork Kratos R and the high-end F77, the Mantis promises a compelling option for riders seeking a perfect balance of performance and affordability.

Conclusion: As Orxa Mantis revs up for its first deliveries in April 2024, the electric motorcycle scene in India is in for a thrilling transformation. With its impressive range, performance features, and a forward-looking ownership model, the Mantis is set to carve its niche in the world of electric bikes. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking release!

Orxa Mantis Launched In India: Priced at ₹3.60 Lakh
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