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“Powerhouse Alliance: Volvo, Renault, and CMA CGM Set to Ignite 2024 with Launch of Cutting-Edge Venture – A Trifecta Shaping the Future!”

Renault Group and Volvo Group have announced a collaboration to address the growing demand for decarbonized and efficient logistics by creating a new company focused on developing an all-new generation of electrified vans. The two groups aim to have CMA CGM, a global shipping and logistics company, join the new venture in the future. The joint venture aims to leverage the strengths of Renault and Volvo and create a new family of fully electric, software-defined vehicles. The production of these vehicles is expected to commence in 2026.

New Electric LCV Skateboard Platform: The vehicles will be built on a new fully electric Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) skateboard platform, offering high modularity for different body types at a low cost, along with breakthrough safety requirements.

Software Defined Vehicle Architecture: The new vehicles will adopt the Software Defined Vehicle architecture, enabling advanced capabilities to monitor delivery activity and user business performance. This will reduce the global cost of usage for logistic players by 30%. The connected services enabled by the software-defined vehicle technology will provide up-to-date vehicles throughout their lifespan.

Smart Connectivity and Range of Services: The vehicles will offer smart connectivity, outstanding capacity for urban mobility, high versatility for tailor-made solutions, different battery capacities, and an unprecedented 800V feature for vans. The goal is to provide a range of services and an exceptional user experience.

Independent New Company: The new company will be fully independent, combining the agility of a start-up with the industry-leading expertise of Renault, Volvo, and potentially CMA CGM. The collaboration aims to share investments in research and development and benefit from existing know-how, services, and industrial footprint.

Global Champion: CMA CGM, if it joins the venture, will assist the new company in building solutions that can cater to the needs of all transport and supply chain players, offering end-to-end efficient solutions

The collaboration is seen as a significant step towards addressing the evolving demands of urban logistics and providing sustainable and efficient electric mobility solutions. The joint venture is expected to start operations in early 2024, pending regulatory approvals.

“Powerhouse Alliance: Volvo, Renault, and CMA CGM Set to Ignite 2024 with Launch of Cutting-Edge Venture – A Trifecta Shaping the Future!”
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