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Renault Unveils Teasers for All-Electric R5 Prototype

Renault, a key player in Europe’s automotive landscape, is set to revive its iconic Renault 5 (R5) nameplate as an all-electric model, marking a pivotal step in the company’s commitment to an electric future. With plans to launch seven new electric models by 2030 and an ambitious goal to exclusively sell electric vehicles in Europe by that year, Renault is harnessing the nostalgia associated with the R5. The production design is slated for a grand unveiling at the Geneva International Motor Show on February 26, 2024, with deliveries expected to commence in early 2025.

Reimagining an Icon

Heritage of the Renault 5: The original Renault 5, affectionately known as the R5, holds a special place in automotive history as France’s best-selling car, with over 5.5 million units produced between 1972 and 1996. Renault aims to capitalize on the nostalgic charm of the R5 with its reincarnation as an all-electric model.

Styling Cues from the Past: Drawing inspiration from the original design, the rebooted R5 features styling cues reminiscent of its predecessor. Several pre-production prototypes have been showcased, maintaining the essence of the iconic R5 while embracing contemporary electric mobility.

Teasing the Production Model

Official Unveiling on February 26, 2024: Renault has commenced teasing the production design of the all-electric R5 ahead of its official debut at the Geneva International Motor Show. The event is poised to capture the essence of the R5’s legacy while showcasing its modern, electric incarnation.

Production and Delivery Timeline: While the production version will be unveiled in February 2024, customer deliveries are anticipated to begin in early 2025. To maintain anticipation and engagement, Renault has introduced the ‘R5 R Pass program,’ allowing early enthusiasts in launch markets to reserve the vehicle and access exclusive content and events.

Strategic Inclusion of the UK Market

Right-Hand Drive for the UK: Notably, the UK has been included in the R5 R Pass program, signifying that the R5 will be available in right-hand drive from the outset. This strategic move aligns with Renault’s commitment to cater to diverse markets and streamline availability in the UK.

R5 R Pass Program Details: Priced at £150 (AU$290), the R5 R Pass program offers early access to pre-orders, an exclusive scale model of the Renault 5 E-Tech electric post-reveal, and priority access to related content and events.

Features and Specifications

Compact Dimensions: The R5 boasts a length of 3.92 meters, catering to the needs of urban commuters and suburban dwellers seeking a versatile hatchback.

Impressive Range: Fitted with a 52 kWh battery, the R5 offers a commendable range of 400 km (WLTP), making it suitable for everyday commuting and occasional regional trips.

V2L and V2G Functionality: As a noteworthy feature, the R5 will be the first Renault EV to incorporate Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) functionality, enhancing its versatility and contribution to energy ecosystems.

Pricing and Market Strategy

European Pricing Estimates: Renault CEO Luca de Meo has hinted at a starting price of around €25,000 (AU$41,000) for the R5 in Europe, considering available EV incentives. Without incentives, the starting price is expected to be closer to £30,000 (AU$67,000).

Conclusion: Renault’s revival of the iconic R5 as an all-electric model signifies a strategic move towards an electric-centric automotive landscape. With a nod to the heritage of the original R5, the modern incarnation embraces electric mobility while catering to contemporary consumer needs. The teaser campaign builds anticipation for the official unveiling in February 2024, marking a significant milestone in Renault’s electric vehicle portfolio. The inclusion of the UK in the R5 R Pass program underscores Renault’s commitment to offering the model in right-hand drive and engaging early adopters in key markets. As Renault paves the way for a new era of electric mobility, the R5 exemplifies a harmonious blend of nostalgia and innovation.

Renault Unveils Teasers for All-Electric R5 Prototype
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