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Renault’s EV Arm, Ampere, Aims for Ambitious €10 Billion Revenues by 2025 in Anticipation of IPO

Renault, the renowned French automaker, has unveiled ambitious financial targets for its electric vehicles (EV) unit, Ampere, which is set to go public in the spring of 2024. Ampere is gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO) and has set its sights on achieving €10 billion ($10.8 billion) in revenues by 2025, with aspirations to more than double that figure to €25 billion by 2031. Renault’s strategic move aligns with the global shift towards electric mobility, positioning Ampere as a key player in the rapidly expanding EV market.

Financial Targets and IPO Plans

Ahead of the anticipated IPO, Renault has outlined key financial targets for Ampere. The company envisions achieving break-even for Ampere in 2025, demonstrating a commitment to financial sustainability from the outset. Furthermore, the unit aims for an operating margin of at least 10% by 2030, showcasing long-term profitability goals. This disclosure comes as Renault prepares for an investor day, intending to garner support for the upcoming IPO. The finance chief, Thierry Pieton, emphasized that Renault would not undervalue Ampere during the IPO process, expressing confidence in the unit’s potential valuation.

Strategic Evaluation and Market Conditions

Renault’s announcement signals a strategic push into the electric vehicle sector, capitalizing on the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. The company’s commitment to Ampere’s success is evident in its refusal to sell the unit at a discount. In the event that market conditions pose challenges in achieving the targeted valuation, Renault remains open to exploring alternative options. This pragmatic approach reflects Renault’s adaptability to market dynamics, ensuring that Ampere’s market debut aligns with both investor expectations and the broader industry landscape.

Renault’s EV Arm, Ampere, Aims for Ambitious €10 Billion Revenues by 2025 in Anticipation of IPO
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