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Royal Enfield’s First Electric Motorcycle: A Close Look at the Him-E

Royal Enfield, a well-known motorcycle company, has just introduced its first electric bike called the Him-E. This new model was shown at the 2023 EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show, and we had a chance to get a good look at it. Royal Enfield is famous for making classic-style motorcycles that last a long time, but this time, they’re trying something new with an electric bike.

Exploring Royal Enfield’s Electric Debut: The Him-E

Tradition Meets Change:

Old and New Blend:

Being one of the oldest motorcycle brands still making bikes, Royal Enfield usually takes its time adopting new technologies. The Him-E, based on the Himalayan 450 adventure bike, is changing things up by replacing traditional parts with an electric motor and battery.

Testing Phase:

The Him-E that we saw at the motorcycle show is not going to be sold just yet. Royal Enfield is using it to test their ideas for electric bikes. This means they’re figuring out how to make the best electric bike before putting it into production.

Specs Still to Come:

We don’t know all the details about the Him-E just yet. Important things like how powerful it is, how big the battery is, and how far it can go on one charge are still being decided (To Be Determined).

Keeping it Cool:

Looking at the bike, it seems like it cools down using air instead of a radiator. This is how Royal Enfield used to do it with their regular bikes, and it seems they’re keeping things simple and reliable for now.

Battery as a Building Block:

The Him-E uses the battery as part of the bike’s structure. This idea makes the bike lighter and less complicated. Other electric bikes, like the LiveWire Del Mar, use a similar design for flexibility and efficiency.

Shifting Gears:

One surprising thing is a shifter on the side of the bike connected to a gearbox. Most electric bikes don’t need gears because they are strong enough without them. But this addition could make riding more enjoyable for those who like shifting gears.

Ready for Adventure:

Staying true to its adventure bike style, the Him-E has a chain-driven rear end. While this adds to the authentic feel, it might make more noise compared to the belt drives in many electric bikes today.

Conclusion: As Royal Enfield steps into the electric world with the Him-E, we are excited to learn more about this new and different addition to their collection. Mixing the old charm with new technology, the Him-E shows that Royal Enfield is ready for the electric future. Stay tuned for updates as they continue to explore and develop their electric motorcycles.

Royal Enfield’s First Electric Motorcycle: A Close Look at the Him-E
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