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Storck Name:2 Unveiled A Lightweight Carbon Urban E-Bike

Storck, renowned for its high-performance road and time trial bikes, has delved into the realm of urban commuting with the launch of the Storck Name:2. This carbon urban e-bike is tailored for sporty commuters seeking a fusion of race-derived technology and efficient city navigation. Let’s delve into the details of this sleek and nimble e-bike designed to revolutionize urban mobility.

Compact Design for Urban Efficiency: The Storck Name:2 embraces the mantra that smaller is better for city commuting. With a compact, sporty design reminiscent of a BMX bike, this e-bike is equipped with 24-inch tires, offering nimble maneuverability in urban settings. The emphasis on pedaling ergonomic efficiency is evident with a tall seatpost and standard handlebars, ensuring a comfortable and dynamic riding experience.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced (CFR) Construction: Weighing in at a mere 17 kilograms, the Name:2 achieves its lightweight build through Storck’s expertise in Carbon Fiber Reinforced (CFR) material. This cutting-edge material, also utilized in the brand’s high-performance bikes, contributes to the e-bike’s agility and responsiveness. The integration of the Porsche-owned Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor, delivering 50 Newton-meters of torque, further enhances its sporty performance, effortlessly tackling steep inclines.

Efficient Drivetrain and Dynamic Riding Experience: The Storck Name:2 adopts a 12-speed Shimano XT M8100 drivetrain, a staple in high-performance mountain bikes. This ensures seamless integration between the rider’s pedaling efforts and the electric motor’s support. Riding on Schwalbe Big Ben tires (24 x 2.15 inches), the e-bike is optimized for on-road use, promising a dynamic and enjoyable commute through the urban landscape.

Strictly Urban: A Commuter’s Companion: While the Storck Name:2 focuses on delivering a sporty and maneuverable ride, it’s important to note its urban-centric design. The absence of luggage racks, lighting, and mudguards underscores its dedication to simplicity and efficiency for point-to-point commuting. Commuters should consider these aspects, along with the e-bike’s price tag of 4,799 euros (approximately $5,235 USD).

Conclusion: Storck’s venture into the urban e-bike market with the Name:2 showcases a harmonious blend of lightweight design, race-inspired technology, and a commitment to efficient urban commuting. For sporty riders seeking a nimble and dynamic e-bike experience, the Storck Name:2 stands out, even with its premium price tag. As urban mobility continues to evolve, the Storck Name:2 exemplifies a stylish and performance-driven option for the modern commuter.

Storck Name:2 Unveiled A Lightweight Carbon Urban E-Bike
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