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Tesla Accelerator Pedal Breaks Again – Another Incident Raises Concerns

Tesla, as the world’s largest electric car manufacturer, has faced ongoing quality issues, and a recent incident involving a Tesla Model 3 owner reported the accelerator pedal breaking while driving. Astonishingly, this is not an isolated case, as a quick online search reveals similar reports from Tesla owners over the past few years.

The Tesla Model 3 owner shared an image of the broken accelerator pedal on Reddit, expressing surprise that it broke under normal driving conditions. Online users explained that Tesla’s accelerator pedals are made of hollow polymer or plastic, which can sometimes fail under stress. In contrast, brake pedals are typically made of solid steel, given their frequent and forceful use. This practice of using plastic for the accelerator pedal and metal for the brake pedal is common in the industry to save costs.

Tesla’s ongoing quality issues are a concern, especially as the company expands globally and enters new markets. While Tesla has been a trailblazer in the electric mobility revolution, it now faces increased competition from both established automakers transitioning to electrification and new players emerging worldwide. Ensuring consistent quality in its electric vehicles is essential for Tesla to maintain its reputation and customer trust in an evolving market.

Tesla Accelerator Pedal Breaks Again – Another Incident Raises Concerns
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