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The Vanwall Vandervell is an all-electric 650bhp hyper-hatch

The legendary Vanwall name, steeped in Formula 1 history, is making a comeback in the automotive world with the Vanwall Vandervell – a 650bhp, all-electric hyper-hatch set to hit the market in 2024. Marking the resurrection of the Vanwall brand, the hyper-hatch pays homage to the original founder, Tony Vandervell. Priced at over £110,000, the Vanwall Vandervell aims to blend modern EV performance with the racing legacy of its iconic name.

Styling and Heritage: Vanwall takes a bold step with the Vandervell’s design, embracing a retro approach with straight, geometric lines reminiscent of classic aesthetics. The front end features distinctive design elements, including a bonnet with side under-cuts and 21 or 22-inch alloys. The rear showcases dynamic grooves to channel air, adding a touch of nostalgia to the hyper-hatch. The throwback styling, combined with a six-figure price tag, positions the Vandervell as a standout player in the competitive electric vehicle market.

Performance and Variants: The Vanwall Vandervell offers two variants from launch: the 350bhp ‘S’ and the limited edition ‘S Plus’ with an impressive 650bhp. Both versions boast four-wheel drive, dedicated launch control, and regenerative braking systems. The ‘S Plus’ variant, limited to 500 units, adds an extra layer of exclusivity to the hyper-hatch. With a nod to its racing heritage, the Vandervell promises an exhilarating driving experience, fusing cutting-edge electric power with the spirit of Vanwall’s historic Formula 1 victories.

Availability and Pricing: Scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2024, the Vanwall Vandervell will be offered in six distinct colors, including the iconic Vanwell Racing Green. However, prospective buyers should be prepared for a price tag exceeding £110,000 before VAT. The hyper-hatch’s launch marks Vanwall’s entry into the production car realm, leveraging its racing legacy to create a high-performance, electric offering for enthusiasts seeking a blend of history and innovation.

The Vanwall Vandervell represents a compelling fusion of heritage and cutting-edge technology, bringing the storied Vanwall name back to life on the streets. As electric vehicles continue to redefine automotive landscapes, the Vandervell’s unique design and formidable performance position it as a symbol of Vanwall’s racing legacy adapted for the electric era. With limited units of the ‘S Plus’ variant adding an exclusive touch, the hyper-hatch is poised to attract attention from enthusiasts eager to own a piece of Vanwall’s historic resurgence. Stay tuned for more updates as the Vanwall Vandervell makes its mark in the world of high-performance electric hyper-hatches.

The Vanwall Vandervell is an all-electric 650bhp hyper-hatch
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