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Title: “Atumobile AtumVader: A Revolution in Electric Cafe Racers”

Discover the future of high-speed electric motorcycles with Atumobile’s AtumVader. Unleashing thrilling performance, impressive range, and swift charging capabilities, this electric cafe racer redefines eco-friendly commuting. With a distinctive design, competitive pricing under Rs. 1 lakh, and a simplified single variant offering, the AtumVader is set to make a lasting impact on the Indian electric motorcycle market. Experience excitement, accessibility, and the power of sustainable mobility – the AtumVader represents the next chapter in electric transportation.


The electric vehicle (EV) market is witnessing a surge in innovation, and Hyderabad-based startup Atumobile is making waves with its upcoming electric cafe racer, the AtumVader. With a recent ARAI certification and plans for a launch later this year, the AtumVader promises an exhilarating ride combined with eco-friendly technology. Let’s dive into the details of this electric marvel that is set to redefine the high-speed electric motorcycle segment.

Powerful Performance:

The AtumVader boasts a hub motor connected to a robust 2.3kWh lithium-ion battery pack, propelling the electric cafe racer to a claimed top speed of 65 km/h. This setup not only ensures a thrilling riding experience but also emphasizes the shift towards sustainable and zero-emission transportation. The electric powertrain delivers smooth acceleration and instant torque, characteristic of electric motorcycles.

Impressive Range and Charging Efficiency:

One of the key factors in the adoption of electric vehicles is the range they offer on a single charge. The AtumVader aims to address this concern with a claimed range of 100 km. This range is a testament to the advancements in battery technology, providing practical commuting capabilities for urban riders. Moreover, the 2.3kWh lithium-ion battery pack can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours, making it convenient for users to top up their batteries during work hours or overnight.

Competitive Pricing:

Atumobile understands the importance of affordability in the Indian market, and the AtumVader is expected to be priced at just under Rs. 1 lakh (ex-showroom). This aggressive pricing strategy positions the AtumVader as a compelling choice in the electric motorcycle segment, directly competing with other players like the Revolt RV 400. As more consumers seek sustainable alternatives, the AtumVader’s affordability could be a key factor in driving its market success.

Distinctive Design and Lightweight Build:

The AtumVader is not just about performance and efficiency; it also brings a distinctive design to the table. As an electric cafe racer, it combines classic styling with modern elements, creating a visually appealing package. The bike is offered in five beautiful colors, allowing riders to express their individuality. With drum brakes in the front and rear, the AtumVader ensures effective braking performance, adding to the overall safety of the rider.

Single Variant Offering:

Atumobile has opted for a simplified approach by offering the AtumVader in a single variant – the STD (Standard). This decision streamlines the buying process for consumers while still providing a well-equipped electric motorcycle. The singular variant is a testament to Atumobile’s focus on delivering a reliable and efficient product without overwhelming consumers with unnecessary options.


In conclusion, the Atumobile AtumVader is poised to leave a lasting impression on the Indian electric motorcycle market. Its formidable performance, impressive range, swift charging capabilities, and competitive pricing effectively address the primary concerns of prospective EV enthusiasts. In the midst of a growing demand for electric vehicles, Atumobile’s venture into the realm of high-speed electric motorcycles not only demonstrates their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions but also signifies a bold statement. The AtumVader transcends being just a motorcycle; it symbolizes a declaration that electric vehicles can embody excitement, accessibility, and represent the future of transportation. As Atumobile prepares to unveil the AtumVader, it holds the potential to reshape the landscape of electric cafe racers in the Indian market. Keeping a watchful eye on Atumobile will be crucial as they embark on this journey, anticipating how the AtumVader may redefine the perception and possibilities of electric mobility in the country. “Oben Rorr: Unleashing the Power of Electric Mobility in India”

Title: “Atumobile AtumVader: A Revolution in Electric Cafe Racers”
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