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Why I’m Selling My Tigor EV Despite a Recent Battery Change

In a recent revelation by BHPian Nanolover, the owner of a Tata Tigor EV, a disconcerting issue has surfaced, leading to a potential decision to part ways with the electric vehicle. Despite a battery replacement earlier this year and seemingly smooth operation for almost 10,000 kilometers, a sudden and dramatic drop in battery charge has raised serious concerns about the Tigor EV’s reliability.

The Alarming Charge Plunge

According to Nanolover, the Tigor EV’s battery charge plummeted from 69% to a mere 24% in just one minute while the car was stationary. This unexpected and rapid decline has sparked anxiety about the vehicle’s safety and performance, especially considering the potential risks associated with such a sudden loss of charge.

A Detailed Account of the Incident

The incident unfolded when the Tigor EV was parked at a school with an initial efficiency of 110 kwh/km after covering around 60 kilometers. The charge was at 69% when parked, but to the owner’s shock, it plunged to 24% around the expected time of the car’s return from the school run. Despite multiple attempts to restart the app, the reading remained at 24%, leading to heightened concerns.

Upon the driver’s confirmation of the sudden charge drop, the owner decided to take precautionary measures, such as driving without air conditioning, to avoid potential breakdowns. Subsequent checks showed a further drop to 17% over a 19-kilometer drive, leaving the owner perplexed about the underlying issue.

Contemplating a Difficult Decision

Faced with the uncertainty of the Tigor EV’s reliability, Nanolover is now contemplating selling the vehicle, expressing frustration at what is perceived as a potential lemon sold by the dealer. The comparison with the owner’s brother’s experience with a Tiago EV from a different dealer, which has proven trouble-free over 2000 kilometers, adds to the frustration and raises questions about the dealer’s responsibility in ensuring the vehicle’s quality.

The Road Ahead

As the owner navigates the challenges of resolving the unexpected range issues, the community awaits further updates on potential solutions and insights. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust quality assurance in the electric vehicle market, where trust in the vehicle’s reliability is paramount for widespread adoption.

Why I’m Selling My Tigor EV Despite a Recent Battery Change
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