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Why the new Lotus electric bike costs almost $25,000

Lotus, a name synonymous with automotive excellence, is making waves in the electric bike world with its latest creation—the Lotus Type 136. Priced at a staggering £20,000 (approximately US $25,000), this electric bike is not just a two-wheeled transport; it’s a feat of engineering that blends cutting-edge technology with Lotus’ legendary design prowess.

Lightweight Innovation

The Lotus Type 136 stands out with its feather-light 9.8 kg (21.6 pounds) frame. A key contributor to this remarkable weight is the HPS motor drive system, weighing in at just 1.2 kg (2.6 pounds). The motor itself is a mere 300 grams (0.66 pounds), showcasing Lotus’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of lightweight design.

Aerodynamic Excellence

Leveraging over 30 years of road and track cycling success, Lotus has crafted a bike that cuts through the air with minimal resistance. The V-shaped handlebars and aerodynamically-focused frame design contribute to a sleek and efficient ride, ensuring that the bike complements the rider’s own aerodynamic performance.

Craftsmanship and Exclusivity

The carbon fiber frame, handcrafted in Italy, adds a touch of luxury to the Lotus Type 136. The “wing-shaped fork” and “vaulted chain stays,” inspired by the Hope Lotus bike from the Tokyo Olympics, further emphasize the attention to detail. The first batch of bikes will be part of a limited edition, each individually numbered, enhancing their exclusivity and collector’s value.

Price and Future Models

While the initial price may raise eyebrows, Lotus plans to introduce additional models with a more accessible price tag of around £15,000 (approximately US $18,500). As production scales up, enthusiasts can expect the same Lotus engineering excellence at a comparatively lower cost.

Comparisons in the Electric Bike Market

The Lotus Type 136 faces competition from ultra-lightweight e-bikes like the Freicycle (6.872 kg) and the HPS Domestique (8.5 kg). However, Lotus takes the crown for blending performance, style, and a touch of sporting history in one sleek package.

In the realm of high-performance electric bikes, the Lotus Type 136 emerges as a true contender for those seeking a ride that transcends traditional boundaries. While the price may seem steep, the combination of lightweight design, aerodynamic ingenuity, and the Lotus legacy make it a unique and coveted addition to the world of electric bicycles. As Lotus continues to roll out new models, the future looks promising for electric bike enthusiasts with a taste for the extraordinary.

Why the new Lotus electric bike costs almost $25,000
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