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Yakuza Rubie 60V E-Scooter: Top Speed, Quick Charging, and Ultimate Urban Convenience

Yakuza Rubie 60V E-Scooter is a modern and efficient electric scooter designed for urban commuting. It is equipped with a powerful 60V motor that ensures a smooth and reliable ride. The scooter features tubeless 3.00-10″ wheels, telescopic shock absorbers, and a combination of front disc and rear drum brakes for enhanced safety and comfort. Its price is Rs 55,600.

Charging the Yakuza Rubie 60V E-Scooter is both practical and convenient. The scooter’s battery requires a 6–8 hour charging time, making it ideal for overnight recharging. This allows users to have a fully charged scooter ready each morning. Additionally, the scooter is designed with a reverse gear and ample boot space for carrying groceries and clothes, adding to its everyday usability.

The Yakuza Rubie 60V E-Scooter offers a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (km/h), making it suitable for safe urban travel. The combination of its powerful motor and durable construction ensures a reliable performance. With both front and rear drum brakes, along with a front disc brake, the scooter provides excellent stopping power and control, enhancing rider safety and confidence

yakuza rubie 60v e-scooter Available in 6 different colors


  • Mileage- 55-60KMPC
  • 1 Unit Electricity Consumption
  • Led HeadLamp
  • Good Boot Space
  • Carrying Capacity Upto 150kg
  • Mobile Charging Point
  • Anti Theft Alarm
  • Telescopic Shock Absorbers
  • E-ABS
  • Heavy Accessories
  • Tubeless Tyres
  • Attractive Looks
  • Noise Free Ride
  • Pollution Free
  • No Licecense Required
  • No Registration Required


Starting SystemKEY & KEYLESS START
Charging Time6-8hr
Wheel Size And Wheel Type3.00-10
Charger Specification60v 3 amp charger
Range Charge55-60kmpc
Vehicle ModelRUBIE 48V
Battery Life500 cycles
Highest Speed25
Brake Drum Front Reardrum brakes
Motor Input Voltage V48-60v
No Of Wheels2
I Deal InNew Only
Power SourceELECTRIC
Seating Capacity2 PERSONS
Minimum Order Quantity1
Yakuza Rubie 60V E-Scooter: Top Speed, Quick Charging, and Ultimate Urban Convenience
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