today’s blog is about Autel MaxiCharger 50-A Lite Review, Autel’s MaxiCharger series has gained popularity as one of the leading EV chargers in today’s market, offering a range of options to cater to various EV owners. In this review, we’ll delve into the features and performance of the MaxiCharger 50-A Lite, exploring its strengths and addressing a notable drawback.

The Previous Flaw: In a previous review of the 40-amp MaxiCharger Elite, the overall positive impressions were marred by a significant flaw—the cold-weather cable. When subjected to a thorough cold-weather cable test, the unit’s cable proved inflexible and challenging to manage in freezing conditions. Autel promptly acknowledged this issue, expressing a commitment to finding a better cable for future models.

Autel’s Response and Solution: Following the review, Autel responded swiftly, expressing unawareness of the cable problem and vowing to rectify it. John Thomas, the then COO of Autel, assured a solution was in the works. A new cable was sourced and implemented, addressing the flaw in subsequent units.

MaxiCharger Lite vs. Elite: For this review, the focus shifted to the 50-amp MaxiCharger Lite, a slightly more economical version without the glass panel present in the Elite. Autel clarified that both models now share the same features, with the only distinction being the aesthetic glass panel, devoid of touchscreen functionality.

Performance Evaluation: The MaxiCharger Lite excelled in extreme heat and automatic restart tests, demonstrating reliability in various conditions. However, the crucial cold-weather cable test revealed that while the new cable was an improvement, it still fell short in freezing temperatures. This limitation could impact its suitability for users in colder climates.

Key Features:

  • NEMA-4 rated enclosure for outdoor installations in any climate.
  • Energy Star-certified and CSA approved.
  • Can deliver up to 50-amps (12 kW) to an EV, meeting the needs of most EVs.
  • Smart charging capabilities with connectivity through the Autel app via wifi, Bluetooth, and ethernet cable.
  • Access control via the app and optional RFID cards.
  • Power-sharing capability with up to 6 MaxiChargers, ideal for multifamily installations.

Pricing and Options: The MaxiCharger Lite 50-amp is priced at $569.00 and offers options for an integrated or remote connector holster. The 40-amp version with a NEMA 14-50 plug is currently on sale on Amazon for $399.00, down from its regular price of $459.00.

Conclusion: The Autel MaxiCharger 50-A Lite presents a compelling option for EV owners with its robust features and smart charging capabilities. While the cable’s performance in cold weather remains a concern, Autel’s responsiveness to user feedback and commitment to continuous improvement indicate a brand dedicated to delivering top-notch EV charging solutions. Consider your climate and charging needs carefully before making a decision on this otherwise commendable charging unit.

Autel MaxiCharger 50-A Lite Review: Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Autel’s EV Charger
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