Say hello to the Atumobile Atum Version 1.0, a fantastic electric bike from Atumobile in India. It’s not your average bike – it’s affordable, good for the environment, and looks pretty cool. Let’s find out more about why this electric bike is catching everyone’s attention and making a difference.

Riding into the Future: Atum Version 1.0 Overview:
The Atum Version 1.0 stands as a testament to Atumobile’s commitment to revolutionizing the two-wheeler EV market. Sporting a 250W electric motor, this eco-friendly marvel boasts a 48V, 27Ah lithium-ion battery pack, delivering a commendable 100km range on a single charge.

Charging Efficiency:
A game-changer in the EV domain, the Atum Version 1.0 charges to full capacity in a mere 3-4 hours, showcasing Atumobile’s dedication to convenience and efficiency.

Speed Meets Compliance:
Cruising at a restricted 25kmph, the Atum Version 1.0 eliminates the need for a license, making it an accessible and user-friendly choice for riders of all experience levels.

Design Elegance:
With its retro-style design, the Atum Version 1.0 seamlessly blends form and function. A hardtail frame, telescopic front fork, and spoke wheels not only enhance the riding experience but also add a touch of classic charm. The 14-litre lockable storage compartment replaces the traditional fuel tank, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to practicality.

Safety Redefined:
Equipped with disc brakes at both the front and rear, the Atum Version 1.0 ensures optimal braking performance, promising a safe and secure ride. The all-LED lighting system adds an extra layer of visibility and safety, making it ideal for urban commuting.

Colors That Define You:
Personalization takes center stage with the Atum Version 1.0, available in five vibrant colors – Orange, Grey, White, Blue, and Black. Your electric ride, your unique style.

Affordability with a Green Touch:
Launched at an introductory price of Rs 49,999, the Atum Version 1.0 exemplifies affordability in the electric bike market. Though the price has risen to Rs 74,999 (ex-showroom), its impact on your wallet and the environment remains unmatched.

Manufacturing Excellence:
Crafted at a Greenfield manufacturing facility in Telangana, India, the Atumobile Atum Version 1.0 boasts a production capacity of 15,000 units annually, with the flexibility to scale up to 25,000 units in response to soaring demand.

The Road Ahead: AtumVader on the Horizon:
Excitement looms on the horizon as Atumobile gears up for the launch of the AtumVader. A cafe racer style e-bike with ARAI certification and a promising 100km range, it signifies the continuous innovation and commitment of Atumobile to shape the future of electric mobility.


So, that’s the Atumobile Atum Version 1.0 for you – not just a bike, but a step toward a better, greener world. It’s affordable, looks cool, and it’s making the way we ride more eco-friendly. As we look to the future, this bike from Atumobile is showing us that a cleaner, brighter tomorrow is something we can all be a part of. It’s not just a ride; it’s an invitation to a more sustainable and exciting journey ahead.

Unleashing the Future: Atumobile Atum Version 1.0 – A Revolution in Electric Mobility
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