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“Eco-Friendly Delivery Revolution: BLive Introduces 30 Ather EVs for Zomato Deliveries in Ahmedabad – Transforming the Future of Urban Logistics!”

Building on the successful partnership with Zomato, BLive, India’s top multi-brand EV platform, deploys 30 Ather EVs for Zomato deliveries in Ahmedabad, continuing the mission to expand their EV fleet across 20 Indian cities. This evolution reflects the shared commitment to sustainability and reducing the delivery ecosystem’s carbon footprint, promoting a shift from conventional vehicles to eco-friendly EVs. BLive addresses the EV scarcity by offering end-to-end solutions for last-mile delivery companies like Zomato. Primarily focusing on Tier II cities, BLive aims to bridge the supply gap and fulfill the demands of last-mile delivery services. The strategic partnership with Zomato, initiated in July, launched the EV initiative in Hyderabad with an initial fleet, marking a significant step toward the future of sustainable food delivery in India.

In our ongoing commitment to fostering green mobility solutions, BLive is thrilled to join forces with Zomato and Ather to introduce 30 Ather electric vehicles for food delivery in Ahmedabad,” said Mr. Samarth Kholkar – CEO and co-founder – BLive. “Our objective is to transform the way deliveries are made, setting a new standard in the industry by integrating EVs into Zomato’s operations. We are excited to bring this sustainable initiative to Ahmedabad, a city that is already showing great enthusiasm for green delivery solutions. This partnership marks a significant step towards a cleaner and greener future in the delivery ecosystem, showcasing BLive commitment to environmental sustainability and business innovation.”

“We are delighted to partner with BLive and Zomato to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for food delivery in Ahmedabad. Electric vehicles are not only known for their performance but also their environmental impact. Our vision aligns perfectly with this initiative, and we look forward to witnessing the positive change our electric scooters will bring to the delivery landscape in the city.” – Nikhil Patil, Head Corporate Sales- Ather Energy
  BLive, India’s first multi-brand EV platform, is at the forefront of driving electric mobility adoption across the country. With over 40 brands featured on its digital platform, BLive offers a seamless omnichannel experience to buyers, including an E-commerce store and premium experience stores nationwide. BLive aims to expand its footprint to 100 premium multi-brand stores by 2024, providing a wide range of EV products and services, from E-Scooters and E-cycles to Delivery Ebikes and other unique form factors. The company also facilitates EV adoption for both personal and business use by offering charging infrastructure, post-sales services, and easy financing options.

“Eco-Friendly Delivery Revolution: BLive Introduces 30 Ather EVs for Zomato Deliveries in Ahmedabad – Transforming the Future of Urban Logistics!”
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