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Harley-Davidson’s Next Electric Marvel: Leaks Suggest a Cruiser Evolution

Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle brand has been making waves with its innovative models, and recent leaks hint at an exciting evolution in the form of a cruiser-style electric bike. While the LiveWire S2 Del Mar is still hitting the streets, details of the next model, possibly named the S2 Mulholland, suggest a shift towards the much-anticipated cruiser category. This leak has ignited enthusiasm among riders longing for the comfort of a cruiser with the cutting-edge technology of an electric powerhouse.

The Call for Electric Cruisers

Enthusiasts have long voiced the desire for electric cruiser motorcycles, and Harley-Davidson, with its rich heritage, appears poised to answer the call. The leaked details indicate a potential shift from the street bike design of the S2 Del Mar to a more relaxed and comfortable cruiser style. This move aligns with the yearning in the market for electric bikes that offer both performance and the laid-back cruising experience.

The Arrow Platform’s Multimodel Future

Harley-Davidson’s Arrow platform, the technological backbone of LiveWire electric motorcycles, has always hinted at a multimodel future. The platform’s structural battery design allows for different styles of electric bikes while sharing core components. The leaked information points to the Arrow platform giving birth to a cruiser-style electric bike, providing riders with diverse options within LiveWire’s electric lineup.

S2 Mulholland: A Cruiser-Inspired Marvel

Trademark filings suggest that the next LiveWire model could be named the S2 Mulholland, drawing inspiration from the iconic Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. This famous road, known for its twists and turns, aligns with the cruiser ethos of enjoying a leisurely ride through scenic routes. The naming convention, consistent with the S2 Del Mar, indicates a thematic approach to LiveWire’s model nomenclature.

Service Manual Revelations

Harley-Davidson’s service manual for the S2 Del Mar inadvertently revealed references to another model labeled as “S2MH,” believed to be the upcoming Mulholland. This subtle confirmation adds weight to the anticipation surrounding LiveWire’s cruiser-inspired electric motorcycle.

Saddle Height and Wheelbase Clues

The leaked service manual details shed light on essential specifications of the S2 Mulholland. A slightly shorter saddle height of 30.25 inches compared to the S2 Del Mar and an extended wheelbase hint at a more relaxed riding posture. These adjustments align with the characteristics of a cruiser, promising a comfortable and laid-back experience for riders.

2024 Model Year Revelation

While the details are still shrouded in speculation, a 2024 model year listing for the S2MH suggests that the official reveal may not be far off. As riders eagerly await more information, the possibility of an electric cruiser from Harley-Davidson has ignited discussions and raised expectations within the electric motorcycle community.

Conclusion: The leaked details surrounding Harley-Davidson’s next LiveWire model, potentially named the S2 Mulholland, signal an exciting shift toward the cruiser segment. With a focus on comfort, relaxed riding posture, and the allure of electric power, this model could be a game-changer in the electric motorcycle landscape. As riders await further official announcements, the prospect of a 2024 reveal has heightened anticipation, marking a potential milestone for Harley-Davidson and the future of electric cruisers.

Harley-Davidson’s Next Electric Marvel: Leaks Suggest a Cruiser Evolution
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