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Frito-Lay unveils its first electric truck fleet in the US

Frito-Lay, the snack giant, has embarked on a sustainable journey with the launch of its first 100% all-electric truck fleet at the South Charlotte Product Exchange Center (PEC) in North Carolina. This strategic move positions Frito-Lay as an industry leader in embracing electric mobility for its distribution operations.

Electrifying the Fleet:
The electric truck fleet comprises 28 Ford E-Transits, showcasing Frito-Lay’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Working in collaboration with Atom Power and Duke Energy, the fleet is supported by a robust charging infrastructure and large-scale energy management.

Powering Progress:
Ryan Kennedy, CEO of Atom Power, emphasized the importance of reliable charging infrastructure and energy management, stating, “It was exactly what they needed for this depot, and that’s what we do fundamentally as a company.” This approach aligns with Frito-Lay’s vision for sustainable and efficient electric truck operations.

The Electric Arsenal:
Though not explicitly stated, it appears that Frito-Lay has opted for Ford’s E-Transit model, equipped with a 68kWh lithium-ion battery offering a commendable range of 126 miles. The decision underscores Frito-Lay’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge electric vehicle technology for its distribution needs.

Pilot for the Future:
The South Charlotte site serves as a pilot for Frito-Lay’s future electric depots. With a target of deploying 700 electric vehicles by year-end, Frito-Lay is rapidly advancing its green initiatives. The ambitious goal aligns with the broader vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, showcasing the brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Conclusion: In concluding its shift to an all-electric truck fleet, Frito-Lay stands as a beacon for sustainable practices in the distribution sector. Through the integration of advanced technology and fruitful partnerships, the company not only demonstrates the attainability of eco-friendly distribution but also highlights the inherent benefits for both businesses and the environment.

Frito-Lay unveils its first electric truck fleet in the US
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