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Hands-On with the Kia EV9: Exploring Space, Comfort, and V2H Capabilities

The LA Auto Show showcased the highly anticipated Kia EV9, touted as a spacious three-row electric SUV. While not a comprehensive review, our hands-on experience at the show offered insights into the EV9’s interior, addressing questions about its seating comfort and frunk space. Join us as we dive into the dimensions, features, and unique capabilities of Kia’s latest electric offering.

Exploring the Interior: A Closer Look at Seating Comfort

Three-Row Configuration

Our focus was on the EV9’s passenger space, particularly its 6-seat “captain’s chair” configuration. Despite initial expectations, our brief experience raised questions about the comfort of three adult rows, with concerns about legroom and overall spaciousness.

Impromptu Seating Test

Members of the media, including a six-foot-tall participant, delved into the EV9’s seating arrangement. The consensus? Adjusting the second-row seat for comfort proved challenging, leaving doubts about prolonged comfort for passengers in the third row.

Visual Insights: Interior Design and Frunk Space

Stylish Interior

While the primary interest was in the seating, we briefly explored the EV9’s front seat and dashboard, finding a well-balanced design that merges functionality and aesthetics. The dashboard struck a chord between minimalist interiors and those offering numerous functions and buttons.

Frunk Space Evaluation

The EV9’s frunk, though larger than other Kia models, raised questions about its size compared to industry competitors. While deeper than standard frunks, it still falls short of the spacious offerings seen in models like Rivian and Model X.

V2H Capabilities: A Unique Feature

Vehicle-to-Home (V2H)

Kia showcased the EV9’s potential for Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) capabilities. While existing Kias have a 1.9 kW V2L capacity, the EV9 is set to elevate this with an external unit from Wallbox, potentially delivering 4-5 kW. This could power a home for multiple days with the EV9’s substantial 76.1/99.8 kWh battery.

Conclusion: Anticipating a Comprehensive Review

In conclusion, our hands-on experience with the Kia EV9 offered a glimpse into its interior dynamics, raising considerations about passenger comfort and frunk space. As we eagerly await a comprehensive review, the EV community looks forward to exploring the full potential of Kia’s latest electric marvel. Stay tuned for updates on the Kia EV9 as it prepares to hit the roads!

Hands-On with the Kia EV9: Exploring Space, Comfort, and V2H Capabilities
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