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Honda Trademarks i-M and i-M1 e for Upcoming Electric Scooters in India

Honda has filed trademarks for the names “i-M” and “i-M1 e,” suggesting that the company is working on electric scooters for the Indian market. Honda has already confirmed its plans to launch two electric scooters in India in 2024, and these trademarks could be associated with those upcoming models.

The letter “i” in the automotive world is often linked to innovative or intelligent vehicles, and these trademarks could signify Honda’s foray into the electric scooter segment in India. The trademarks “i-M” and “i-M1 e” were filed on June 13, 2023, with the status indicating that formalities have been cleared.

It’s likely that Honda will develop a new platform, codenamed Platform E, for these electric scooters. This platform is expected to be versatile, accommodating both fixed battery and swappable battery configurations. As a result, one of the scooters may come with a fixed battery setup, while the other could feature a swappable battery system. The fixed battery model might be aimed at personal use, while the swappable battery version could target commercial applications.

Honda will likely prioritize performance and range to compete with rival electric scooters in the Indian market. Additionally, local manufacturing and component sourcing will be crucial to keeping costs competitive. Honda is known for its reliability and safety standards, which should carry over to these electric scooters.

The launch of these scooters is expected in January 2024, according to Honda’s CEO. However, it’s worth noting that trademark filings don’t always result in actual product launches, so the “i-M” and “i-M1 e” names could also be used as intellectual property protection measures. Honda is expanding its manufacturing facilities in India to meet the growing demand for two-wheelers, indicating its commitment to the market’s electric mobility future.

Honda Trademarks i-M and i-M1 e for Upcoming Electric Scooters in India
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