Lectrix SX25 EV Bike combines your ultimate ride for the future. The lectrix SX25 combines style, performance, and sustainability like never before. With its sleek design and powerful electric motor, this bike delivers an eco-friendly and thrilling experience on the road. Perfect for city commutes or weekend adventures.

About Lectrix SX25:

The Lectrix EV SX25, your eco-friendly ride with two variants starting at just Rs 54,999. This electric scooter packs a punch with a peak power of 400 W and a Lithium Ion battery capacity of 1.4 KWh. Safety is a priority with drum brakes both up front and at the rear. Choose from four vibrant colors: White, Green, Blue, and Red. Experience convenience, style, and sustainability with the Lectrix SX2

The Lectrix SX25 is an exciting addition to the world of electric boats, offering a dynamic combination of performance, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and attributes:

  1. Compact and Agile Design: The Lectrix SX25 is designed to be compact and agile, making it ideal for navigating narrow waterways, crowded marinas, and other tight spaces with ease. Its sleek and modern design ensures both aesthetic appeal and practicality.
  2. Electric Propulsion System: Like its larger counterparts, the Lectrix SX25 is equipped with an advanced electric propulsion system. Powered by efficient lithium-ion batteries and electric motors, it offers silent, emission-free operation, allowing for a serene and environmentally conscious boating experience.
  3. Versatile Performance: Despite its compact size, the Lectrix SX25 doesn’t compromise on performance. With responsive handling and impressive acceleration, it delivers an exhilarating ride whether you’re cruising leisurely or zipping across the water at higher speeds.
  4. Spacious Interior: Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the Lectrix SX25 maximizes interior space to ensure comfort and convenience for passengers. Its well-appointed cockpit offers ample seating, storage, and amenities, making it suitable for day trips, fishing excursions, or simply enjoying leisure time on the water.
  5. Innovative Features: The Lectrix SX25 is equipped with a range of innovative features to enhance the boating experience. These may include touchscreen navigation systems, integrated entertainment systems, smart connectivity options, and more, providing modern convenience at your fingertips.
  6. Sustainable Operation: By opting for electric propulsion, the Lectrix SX25 significantly reduces its environmental impact compared to traditional gasoline-powered boats. With zero emissions during operation and lower overall carbon footprint, it aligns with the growing demand for sustainable boating solutions.
  7. Ease of Maintenance: Electric propulsion systems typically require less maintenance compared to their internal combustion counterparts, offering greater reliability and peace of mind for boat owners. This translates to lower operating costs and fewer hassles over the lifespan of the vessel.

Lectrix SX25 Summary ”Lectrix SX25 combines your ultimate ride for the future”

Lectrix SX25 electric scooter, available in two variants to suit your needs. The SX25 Lead Acid Battery variant comes in at an estimated price of Rs. 54,999, while the SX25 Lithium Ion Battery variant is priced at Rs. 71,999 (average ex-showroom prices). With four vibrant color options to choose from, the Lectrix SX25 offers both style and versatility. Safety is prioritized with front and rear drum brakes, featuring a combined braking system for enhanced control. Experience the future of mobility with the Lectrix SX25.

Key highlights Of Lectrix SX25:

Riding Range60km
USB Charging PortYes
Seat Height760mm
Battery Charging Time4 Hrs
Kerb Weight70kg
Top Speed25kmph

Features Of Lectrix SX25:

  1. Touch Screen Display – No
  2. Instrument Console – Digital
  3. Odometer – No
  4. Regenarative Braking – No
  5. Central Locking System – No
  6. Anti Theft System – No
  7. Speedometer – Digital
  8. Hazard Warining Indicator
  9. Tachometer -No
  10. Stand Alarm- No
  11. No. Of Tripmeters – 1
  12. Tripmeter Type – Digital
  13. Low Battery Indicator
  14. Clock – No
  15. Front Storage Box
  16. Mobile App Connectivity
  17. DRLs
  18. Headlight Type – Halogen Bulb
  19. USB Charging Port
  20. Start Stop Button
  21. OTA Updates – No

Specifications Of Lectrix SX25:

1. Power & Performance:

Max PowerBattery Capacity
Max Torque
Rated Power
Riding Range60km
Riding ModesNo
Fast Charging TimeNo
Battery Charging Time4 hrs
Motor TypeBLDC
Battery TypeLead Acid
Battery Capacity1.34kwh
No. Of Batteries1
Charger TypePortable Charger
Carrying Capacity150kg
Fuel TypeElectric

2.Dimensions & Chassis:

Kerb Weight70kg
Ground Clearance165 mm
Seat Height760 mm
Overall Width710 mm
Overall Length1870 mm
Overall Height1260 mm
Chassis TypeUnder bone
Wheelbase1300 mm

3.Brakes, Wheels & Suspensions:

Front SuspensionTelescopic
Rear SuspensionDual Coil Spring
Braking SystemCBS
Front Brake SizeNo
Front Brake typeDrum
Caliper – FrontNot Applicable
Caliper – RearNot Applicable
Rear Brake TypeDrum
Rear Brake Size
Front Wheel Size10 inch
Rear Wheel Size10 inch
Wheel TypeSteel
Rear Tyre Size90/100 – 10

4.Manufacturer Warranty:

Motor Warranty
Battery Warranty

Lectrix SX25 Review:

Good Things:

  • The asking price is set on the affordable size.
  • Get a stylish design and bodywork.

Could Be Better:

  • The top speed is limited to 25kmph.
  • Takes about 7-8 hours to charge.

Lectrix SX25 Colors:

1. Red:




Lectrix SX25 EV Bike combines your ultimate ride for the future
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