: Get ready for an electrifying ride as Honda is about to launch its new electric car, the Honda Prologue, in early 2024. This cool car is part of a big friendship between Honda and General Motors, and it’s made on a special platform called GM Ultium. Let’s dive into the details and find out why it’s so special!

Friends Building Cars

Honda and General Motors decided to work together on the Prologue. It’s like when you and your friend build a really awesome treehouse. The Prologue is just the start – Honda has plans for even more cool cars later on.

Making Lots of Cars:

Honda wanted to sell 70,000 Prologue cars every year, but they decided on 60,000 instead. That’s still a lot! They’re making the Prologue in North America, so people might get a discount thanks to a special $7,500 deal from the government.

Different Types of Prologue:

The Prologue comes in three types – EX, Touring, and Elite. The first two can drive with just the front wheels or all wheels, but the Elite only goes with all wheels. All versions use a big battery, like the one in the Chevrolet Blazer EV.

Going Far and Fast:

The Prologue can drive a really long way – about 300 miles if you pick the one with front-wheel drive. It has a special battery that helps it go as fast as other cars made by Honda and General Motors.

Charging Up:

When it’s time to charge up, the Prologue is quick! It has something called an 11-kilowatt charger and can charge really fast, even faster than the Chevrolet Blazer EV. Honda also gives you some money to use at special charging places – up to $750!

Plug and Play Everywhere:

: At first, the Prologue will use one kind of plug, and later it will use another. They’re also planning to make it work with the Tesla charging spots by 2025. It’s like having different keys for different doors.

The 2024 Honda Prologue is like a superhero car, teaming up with friends and using cool technology. We don’t know all the prices and details yet, but it’s going to be an exciting car for people who love electric rides. Stay tuned for more news about this friendly car from Honda!

“Meet the 2024 Honda Prologue: Your Friendly Electric SUV”
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