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Polestar 4 Electric SUV Hits the China’s Assembly Line

Polestar 4 Production Starts In China, International Sales In 2024

Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car manufacturer, is set to make waves in the electric vehicle (EV) market as it initiates production for the highly anticipated Polestar 4 electric SUV. Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year, the Polestar 4 promises to redefine the electric SUV landscape with its distinctive design and cutting-edge features. Now, as production begins in China, the company aims to deliver its first units to customers by the end of 2023.

Polestar 4: A New Breed of Electric SUV Coupe:

Introduced as a “new breed of Electric SUV coupe,” the Polestar 4 caught the attention of EV enthusiasts at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. With a sleek design and high-performance capabilities, it marks a significant addition to Polestar’s exclusive lineup of performance-oriented electric vehicles.

Production Milestone: The First Polestar 4 Rolls Off the Line:

Polestar recently announced the commencement of production for the Polestar 4, with the first vehicle rolling off the production line. The inaugural Polestar 4, painted in the brand’s signature Snow White color and equipped with a Performance Pack, serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to design excellence and performance innovation.

Carbon-Neutral Manufacturing: A Milestone for Sustainability:

The Polestar 4 is not only an engineering marvel but also a champion of sustainability. Manufactured at Geely Holding’s Hangzhou Bay factory, the production facility boasts the lowest carbon footprint of any Polestar car at launch. The factory incorporates eco-friendly practices, including non-chrome passivators, water-based paint, and advanced filtering systems to minimize waste and emissions.

Global Expansion: Polestar 4 to Be Manufactured in South Korea:

Looking beyond China, Polestar has strategic plans for global expansion. The company intends to establish a manufacturing plant in South Korea, with operations set to begin by 2025. This new facility will not only cater to local demand but also export vehicles, including the Polestar 4, to the lucrative US market.

Polestar 4 Battery and Drivetrain: The Heart of Performance:

While specific details on the Polestar 4’s battery and drivetrain remain undisclosed, Polestar’s commitment to delivering high-performance electric vehicles is well-established. The Polestar 2 sedan and the upcoming Polestar 3 SUV showcase the brand’s prowess in crafting powerful and efficient electric drivetrains.

Global Rollout: Polestar 4 Set to Hit Chinese Roads First:

Polestar enthusiasts in China are in for a treat, with the first deliveries of the Polestar 4 scheduled for the coming month. Following the Chinese debut, Polestar plans to launch the Polestar 4 in other markets in early 2024. This phased rollout aligns with Polestar’s commitment to delivering a premium and seamless ownership experience.

Conclusion: A Polestar Future Unveiled:

As Polestar forges ahead with the production of the Polestar 4, the electric vehicle landscape is set to witness a new standard of style, efficiency, and sustainability. With a global vision and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric performance, Polestar continues to carve its niche in the rapidly evolving world of electric mobility. Stay tuned for more updates on the Polestar 4’s journey from production lines to city streets.

Polestar 4 Electric SUV Hits the China’s Assembly Line
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