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Savic C-Series: Australia’s High-Speed Electric Motorcycle Takes Center Stage

Savic Motorcycles, an Australian electric motorcycle startup, is making waves with its upcoming C-Series electric motorcycle, marking a significant milestone in the development of Australia’s first high-performance electric road bike. The company recently conducted advanced testing sessions at the iconic Phillip Island race track, providing a glimpse into the future of electric mobility. With top speeds reaching 170 km/h, the Savic C-Series is set to redefine expectations for passionate motorcyclists seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

High-Speed Testing at Phillip Island

Savic Motorcycles achieved a major breakthrough on November 4 by conducting high-speed testing of its C-Series electric motorcycle at the renowned Phillip Island race track in Victoria. The testing aimed to validate and fine-tune the motorcycle’s custom-built control software, reaching a top speed of 170 km/h. The comprehensive session also included high-load testing for endurance and a review of thermal management systems under demanding conditions.

Production-Grade Suspension and On-Road Handling

A key focus of the testing event was the evaluation of the newly designed production-grade suspension. Engineered to significantly enhance on-road handling, this suspension system aims to deliver a superior riding experience. The Savic team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility was evident in their commitment to testing the limits and potential of their motorcycles.

Dennis Savic on the Future of Electric Motorcycles

Dennis Savic, CEO and founder of Savic Motorcycles, shared his excitement about the testing session, stating, “Our day at Phillip Island was a glimpse into the future of electric motorcycles.” He emphasized that the team’s dedication and hard work, combined with the incredible potential of their motorcycles, brought them close to achieving their goal speed of 170 km/h.

C-Series Features and Specifications

The Savic C-Series electric motorcycle, designed as a cafe racer, integrates an electric motorcycle drivetrain into a lightweight aluminum frame, preserving the classic lines of iconic motorcycles. The Alpha variant, priced at $26,990, boasts up to 60 kW of power, a 16.2 kWh battery, a 60 kW motor delivering 200 Nm torque, and acceleration to 100 km/hr in just 3.5 seconds. This electric road bike caters to passionate motorcyclists who prioritize sustainability.

Deliveries on the Horizon

With the successful testing event at Phillip Island, Savic Motorcycles is now gearing up for the first deliveries of the C-Series. According to the company’s website, deliveries are expected to commence in December of this year. This marks a crucial step forward in introducing Australia’s first high-performance electric road bike, offering riders an eco-conscious and exhilarating alternative to traditional internal combustion engine motorcycles.

Conclusion: The Savic C-Series electric motorcycle’s recent high-speed testing at Phillip Island signifies a remarkable achievement for Australian innovation in the electric vehicle sector. As the company prepares for deliveries in December, motorcycle enthusiasts can anticipate a new era of eco-friendly and high-performance riding experiences with the Savic C-Series, underscoring the growing prominence of electric mobility in the world of motorcycles.

Savic C-Series: Australia’s High-Speed Electric Motorcycle Takes Center Stage
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