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Grab the Ola S1 Air Electric Scooter at the Introductory Price – Offer Extended until August 15th!

Ola’s New S1 Air Electric Scooter: Affordable and Awesome!

Ola Electric has just dropped a bombshell in the world of electric scooters with its latest offering – the S1 Air. It’s like the cool sibling of the S1 Pro, and people are buzzing about it. Even though it packs a bit less, it looks just as slick.

Price Alert! Extended Offer until August 15th

The S1 Air was introduced at an eye-catching price of ₹1.09 lakhs (Ex-showroom). But here’s the catch: this deal was exclusively for the early birds who pre-booked it before August 28th. If you missed that boat, you’d have to shell out ₹1.19 lakhs (Ex-showroom).

But wait, there’s good news! Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola’s CEO, tweeted that they’re extending the special price until August 15th due to an insane demand. He said:

“S1 Air demand has blown us away. Many have asked us to open up the ₹1.1 lakh offer to everyone, not just the pre-bookers. So, from tonight at 8 pm till August 15th at 12 pm, the offer is up for grabs for EVERYONE. Our stores are staying open late tonight. Grab your chance!”

The Ola S1 Air, which first hit the scene in October 2022 at ₹84,999, saw some price adjustments due to changes in government subsidies under the FAME-II scheme. Now, it’s up for grabs at an introductory price of ₹1.09 lakhs (Ex-showroom) for Ola community members and early bird reservation holders until August 15, 2023.

What’s under the hood? It rocks a compact 3 kWh battery and hits a top speed of 90 km/h. The power comes from a 4.5 kW hub motor that pumps out a cool 6 BHP of power. When fully juiced up, it can take you on a ride for up to 125 km. Keep in mind, though, your range might change depending on your ride mode and style. The S1 Air offers three driving modes: Eco, Normal, and Sports, while its big brother, the S1 Pro, adds Hyper to the mix.

The suspension setup is pretty standard with twin telescopic forks upfront and dual shocks at the back. No fancy disc brakes here. Ola says it takes about 5 hours to recharge, and they toss in a portable 750W charger. You can pick from six snazzy colors and easily reserve yours online through Ola’s official website.

Ready to Rumble with Rivals The Ola S1 Air isn’t just here to look pretty. It’s gearing up for a showdown with other electric scooters like the TVS iQube and the upcoming Ather 450S, set to hit the streets on August 3rd. The TVS iQube sells at ₹1.25 lakhs (Ex-showroom), while the Ather 450S will go for ₹1.29 lakhs (Ex-showroom).

Grab the Ola S1 Air Electric Scooter at the Introductory Price – Offer Extended until August 15th!
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