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Xiaoma Small Electric Car Launches at an Affordable Price of 30k Yuan (Rs 3.47 Lakh)

FAW (First Auto Works) is making a foray into the micro-EV segment with the introduction of the Bestune Xiaoma, a cute and eco-friendly small electric hatchback under its Bestune brand. Pre-sales for the Xiaoma are set to begin this month as FAW aims to increase its market share in the micro-EV segment. The primary competitor for the Bestune Xiaoma is the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, which currently holds the top spot as the best-selling micro car in China. The Xiaoma is priced in the range of 30,000-50,000 yuan, approximately Rs 3.47 lakh to Rs 5.78 lakh.

Features and Design:

FAW unveiled the Bestune Xiaoma earlier in April at the Shanghai Auto Show. While both hardtop and convertible versions were showcased, only the hardtop variant is currently available for sale, and it’s unclear if the convertible version will be introduced later. The convertible variant may find favor among consumers due to its cute and charming appearance compared to the hardtop version.

The Xiaoma boasts a boxy profile with a dual-tone color scheme, giving it a distinctive and animated appearance. It features large square headlamps with rounded edges for added visual appeal and aerodynamic wheels that may contribute to increased range. At the rear, the tail lamps and bumper continue the design theme seen at the front.

The interior of the Xiaoma is equally cute, featuring a flat dashboard with rotary control dials and a touchscreen display, likely a 7-inch unit. The dual-tone theme of the dashboard adds to the overall appeal. The interior materials provide a smooth finish, with the same materials used for mirrors.

Specifications and Range:

The Bestune Xiaoma is built on FAW’s FME platform, which includes dedicated chassis for both EVs and range extenders. The platform has two sub-platforms, A1 and A2, catering to different wheelbase ranges. The range for EVs on this platform is 800 km, while extenders can achieve more than 1,200 km. Both platforms support an 800 V architecture.

Powering the micro-EV is a single 20 kW electric motor positioned on the rear shaft. The battery is a lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) unit, supplied by Gotion and REPT, although further powertrain details have yet to be revealed. In terms of safety, the Xiaoma is equipped with a driver-side airbag.

Dimensionally, the 3-door Bestune Xiaoma measures 3,000 mm in length, 1,510 mm in width, and 1,630 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 1,953 mm.

The Xiaoma represents FAW’s entry into the micro-EV market, offering a stylish and environmentally friendly option for urban commuters. Its competitive pricing and appealing design may influence consumer preferences in this segment.

Xiaoma Small Electric Car Launches at an Affordable Price of 30k Yuan (Rs 3.47 Lakh)
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