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Yulu Wynn Electric 2W: Affordable Urban Mobility Made by Bajaj Chetak, Starting at Rs. 55k

India’s electric two-wheeler market continues to thrive, with new entries like the Yulu Wynn adding to the excitement. Yulu, a well-known name in the mobility space, has ventured into the personal electric vehicle sector with its latest offering, the Yulu Wynn. This electric scooter comes at an introductory price of Rs. 55,555, making it an enticing option for urban commuters. However, this special offer won’t last long, and after the initial period, the price will increase to Rs. 59,999. Prospective buyers can secure their Yulu Wynn for a mere Rs. 999, which is fully refundable.

Manufactured by Chetak Technologies Ltd. (CTL), a subsidiary of Bajaj Auto, Yulu Wynn sets itself apart by not requiring a driving license, thanks to its top speed cap of 25 km/h. While specific technical details such as specs and range are yet to be revealed, the scooter’s unique features and affordable pricing have already captured attention. Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director of Bajaj Auto Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm about Yulu’s entry into the personal mobility sector, emphasizing the potential for new mobility categories that cater to evolving user needs. The Yulu Wynn promises to deliver quality synonymous with Bajaj vehicles and is set to be manufactured at the CTL plant.

With its visually appealing design, particularly in the striking Ravishing Red shade, the Yulu Wynn stands out as a compact, lightweight, and user-friendly electric scooter. Designed strictly for solo riders, it features a single seat with no provision for a pillion passenger. The scooter boasts minimal body panels and a vertical LED headlight setup. Underneath, it features a tubular frame housing a hub motor that powers the rear wheel.

One of the standout aspects of the Yulu Wynn is its battery-as-a-service model, contributing to its attractive initial cost, which is up to 40% lower than some competitors. Yulu offers various mobility subscription packages, with battery swapping available at Yuma Energy swapping stations—a joint venture between Yulu and Magna. Alternatively, buyers can opt for a wall charger as an accessory for an additional cost.

The Yulu Wynn promises a genuinely keyless experience and emphasizes family sharing, offering flexibility and convenience for users. With its introductory price of Rs. 55,555, the Yulu Wynn presents an appealing urban mobility solution for personal use, particularly for those not concerned about its 25 km/h top speed. Deliveries are set to commence in mid-May, with two color options available: Scarlet Red and Moonlight White. Yulu plans to expand its network of battery-swapping stations to enhance user convenience further.

Yulu Wynn Electric 2W: Affordable Urban Mobility Made by Bajaj Chetak, Starting at Rs. 55k
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