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Exploring the New TVS X Electric Scooter: What You Need to Know

“TVS X: India’s First Maxi-Styled Electric Scooter Unleashed”

Indian mobility solutions provider TVS Motor has unveiled its latest creation, the TVS X, in Dubai, UAE. This electric scooter sets itself apart from the competition and is being hailed as the first “SUV of scooters” in India. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the TVS X:

1. Born from the Creon Concept: TVS wowed the industry years ago with the Creon concept, and now, the production version, TVS X, continues that futuristic design legacy, promising to outshine other electric scooters in the Indian market.

2. Cutting-Edge Xleton Platform: TVS introduces the Xleton aluminum alloy platform, boasting the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio among its rivals. This new platform will be the foundation for TVS X and future premium offerings, delivering 2.5 times greater stiffness than other vehicles.

3. Striking Futuristic Design: TVS X’s design is a head-turner. While some competitors opt for a simple and smooth aesthetic, TVS has taken a bold approach. The scooter features a sharp design with a distinctive pill-shaped LED DRL and two square-shaped LED headlights. It embodies the maxi-scooter style with a central spine.

4. Exceptional Handling: TVS has optimized the center of gravity for unmatched stability, enhancing the connection between the rider and the machine. Expect impressive handling and mass centralization to tackle corners confidently.

5. Impressive Componentry: TVS X boasts an X-tilt handlebar, twin RSU telescopic forks at the front, and a single-sided mono-shock unit in the rear. It rolls on 12″ wheels with 100-section front and 110-section rear tires. The braking system includes a 220mm front disc and a 190mm rear disc, with TVS X being the first Indian electric scooter to feature ABS.

6. Massive 10.2” TFT Screen: A generous 10.2” touchscreen instrument display adorns the TVS X, offering an intuitive NavPro system with smart tiles. The screen goes beyond the usual scooter fare, providing wellness features, gaming, live video streaming, and even browsing, turning it into a media machine when not in use.

7. Loaded with Features: Safety takes center stage with TVS Smart Xhield, featuring overspeed alerts, SOS, DND mode, geofencing, auto locking, theft alerts, tow alerts, and location sharing. Personalization options abound, including widgets, themes, and custom wallpapers. Welcome functions add a touch of flair, with personalized animations and lighting effects.

8. Powerful Performance: TVS X aims to set a new standard in its segment with a brand-new platform housing a 4.4 kWh battery and a PMSM motor delivering 7 kW (9.39 bhp) rated power and 11 kW (14.75 bhp) peak power. Expect rapid acceleration: 0-40 km/h in 2.6 seconds, 0-60 km/h in 4.5 seconds, and a top speed of 105 km/h.

9. Impressive Range and Charging: TVS introduces a new powertrain architecture with a centrally-mounted battery. It offers an impressive 140 km of range on a single charge, with selectable regen control for energy recuperation. Quick charging is possible with SmartX Home Charging, providing 0-50% in under an hour with a 3 kW charger and 0-80% in 3 hours 40 minutes with a 950W regular charger.

10. Pricing and Availability: TVS X is available in a striking Hellkat Red colorway. While it comes with a price tag of Rs. 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru), it’s important to note that TVS X is not eligible for FAME II subsidies. Despite the price, its design, aggressive stance, and sporty credentials make it an appealing choice for enthusiasts. Bookings have commenced, and deliveries are set to begin in December 2023.

Exploring the New TVS X Electric Scooter: What You Need to Know
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