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KTM’s Electric Scooter: Caught in the Wild for the First Time!

KTM, known for its high-performance motorcycles, is gearing up to expand its electric two-wheeler portfolio with the development of an electric scooter. While it’s not confirmed whether this scooter will bear the KTM or Husqvarna brand, it’s clear that Bajaj, the parent company, will manufacture it at its dedicated EV production plant under the Chetak Technology name.

Here are some key details about the spotted KTM/Husqvarna electric scooter:

Design Inspiration: The electric scooter’s design appears to draw inspiration from the EMotion concept, showcasing sharp and distinctive styling. While it has similarities with the EMotion concept, this test mule differs in some aspects.

Rider Gear: The test engineer spotted riding the scooter was wearing KTM’s riding gear, which suggests it might be a KTM product.

Design Features: The scooter doesn’t have a step-through design. Instead, it features a large tunnel above the floorboard-mounted battery. The battery section indicates EU and Austria’s electric vehicle subsidies. Notable design elements include a tall windscreen, an 8-inch touchscreen instrumentation system, a muscular front apron, sleek side body panels, tall alloy wheels (likely 14 inches), a single-piece seat, custom CNC-milled aluminum swingarm (for prototyping), grab rails, and an air-cooling jacket.

Powertrain: While specific powertrain details aren’t provided in the sighting, it’s likely to have a mid-mounted motor and a belt drive system, typical for electric scooters to provide a smooth and vibration-free ride. The scooter is expected to feature a disc brake setup at both ends and may include dual-channel ABS.

Performance: Based on design documentation, the scooter could come in two variations, one with a 4 kW (5.5 bhp) motor and another with an 8 kW (11 bhp) motor. The top speed might be around 100 km/h, and the range could be approximately 100 km.

While it’s uncertain whether this electric scooter will make its way to India, given the increasing popularity of e-scooters in the country, there’s a possibility that it could eventually be launched in the Indian market. The scooter aligns with the broader trend of electric mobility gaining momentum worldwide, and it represents KTM’s venture into the electric scooter segment.

KTM’s Electric Scooter: Caught in the Wild for the First Time!
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