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“Mahindra’s Pininfarina Battista Electric Hypercar Shines at Hyderabad E Motor Show 2023”

Mahindra Showcases Pininfarina Battista Electric Hypercar at Hyderabad E Motor Show 2023

In a grand display of automotive innovation, Mahindra & Mahindra has showcased the Pininfarina Battista at the Hyderabad E Motor Show 2023. This electric hypercar from the Italian carmaker Pininfarina is a testament to the growing wave of electrification in the automobile industry, spanning from compact urban cars to high-performance hypercars.

The Pininfarina Battista, displayed at the event, represents a significant shift towards electric hypercars that offer both luxury and thrilling performance. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable electric hypercar that has caught the attention of enthusiasts at the Hyderabad E Motor Show.

Pininfarina Battista – A Showcase of Power and Performance

The Pininfarina Battista is no ordinary electric vehicle; it boasts an impressive array of specifications and performance features:

Powerful Electric Motors: The hypercar is equipped with a substantial 120 kWh battery pack that supplies power to four electric motors, one for each wheel. This all-wheel-drive setup delivers an astonishing 1,900 PS and 2,300 Nm of peak power and torque.

Unmatched Acceleration: The Battista can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a breathtaking 1.86 seconds, reaching 0-200 km/h in just 4.75 seconds, and achieving 0-300 km/h in under 12 seconds. These acceleration figures place it in a league of its own.

Electric Range: When not pushing the boundaries of speed, the Battista offers a respectable electric range of 476 kilometers on a single charge, making it a practical choice for everyday driving.

Fast Charging: The hypercar can be rapidly charged from 20% to 80% in under 25 minutes using ultra-fast DC fast charging technology.

Advanced Electric Architecture: The Battista is based on an electric architecture sourced from Rimac, a renowned player in the electric vehicle industry.

While the Pininfarina Battista may not hit Indian roads in the near future, its presence at the Hyderabad E Motor Show 2023 serves as a glimpse into the latest trends and innovations in the electric vehicle industry. As charging infrastructure continues to develop, vehicles like the Battista could potentially find their way into the Indian market, providing an exhilarating and sustainable driving experience.

This showcase highlights Mahindra’s commitment to embracing the future of electric mobility and its endeavor to bring cutting-edge technology to the forefront of the automotive industry.

“Mahindra’s Pininfarina Battista Electric Hypercar Shines at Hyderabad E Motor Show 2023”
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