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Mercedes goes ‘electric only’ for its employee company cars in Germany

In a bold move toward sustainability and aligning with its ambitious goal to become an all-electric automaker by 2030, Mercedes-Benz is electrifying its company car fleet in Germany. This strategic shift reflects the company’s commitment to leading the charge in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Let’s explore the details of this electrifying transition.

Mercedes-Benz is taking a pioneering step by transitioning its company cars in Germany to electric vehicles. This decision is in line with the company’s broader vision of being an all-electric automaker, emphasizing its commitment to environmental responsibility and cutting-edge automotive technology.

Numbers Speak:

Approximately 5,000 vehicles, predominantly available as diesel, gas, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), will undergo a transformation into fully electric models. This move signifies a significant shift in the composition of Mercedes’ internal fleet, showcasing the brand’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint.

Employee Choice and Growing EV Adoption:

While it’s not mandatory for Mercedes employees in Germany to switch to electric company cars, the shift is a natural progression as more employees are choosing all-electric options. The number of fully electric cars in the company’s fleet has more than quadrupled from the previous year, highlighting the growing preference for electric mobility within the workforce.

From “Electric-First” to “Electric-Only” Strategy:

Mercedes is solidifying its commitment to electrification by transitioning from an “electric-first” to an “electric-only” strategy. By 2025, customers will have the option to choose an all-electric version for every Mercedes model. This strategic shift positions Mercedes at the forefront of the electric vehicle market, offering a diverse range of electric options to meet consumer preferences.

Next-Gen Electric Vehicles:

Mercedes has been unveiling its next-generation electric vehicles, including the CLA electric sedan, the first of Mercedes’ new entry-level EV class. With an impressive range of over 466 miles (750 km) and advanced efficiency, the electric CLA showcases Mercedes’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. This vehicle will ride on the new MMA platform, ensuring cutting-edge performance and range.

As Mercedes-Benz takes a decisive step towards its goal of being an all-electric automaker, the transition of employee company cars to electric vehicles represents a pivotal moment in the automotive industry. This move not only aligns with environmental sustainability but also positions Mercedes as a leader in embracing the future of electric mobility. With a diverse range of electric models and a commitment to innovation, Mercedes-Benz is driving change and electrifying the way we envision the future of transportation.

Mercedes goes ‘electric only’ for its employee company cars in Germany
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