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MV Agusta Now Makes E-Bikes, Cortina Edizione Limitata Unveiled

In a stylish fusion of motorcycle artistry and eco-friendly innovation, renowned Italian motorcycle brand MV Agusta has pedaled into the electric bicycle arena with the launch of its latest creation—the Cortina Edizione Limitata. Under its dedicated sub-brand, E-MV Agusta, the company takes a distinctive approach with this model, blending artful styling with practicality to create a lightweight commuter that’s as much a work of art as it is a mode of transportation.

Frame and Design: Where Art Meets Commute

The Cortina Edizione Limitata boasts a frame crafted from a blend of aluminum and carbon fiber, designed to accommodate a diverse range of riders. The aluminum tubing contributes to a slim, slender, and elegant frame, while a carbon fiber rigid front fork promises a lightweight feel and precise handling. The unique design incorporates cargo mounts, enhancing urban convenience for the commuting cyclist.

Power and Performance: Mahle X35 Motor

At the heart of this elegant e-bike is the Mahle X35 motor, positioned as a rear hub unit. Weighing in at 15.3 kilograms, the Cortina keeps things nimble with a nominal output of 250 watts and 40 newton-meters of torque. The motor is complemented by a 250-watt-hour battery pack neatly housed within its structure, providing up to 75 kilometers (46 miles) of assistance on a single charge. This combination of lightweight components and a compact powertrain ensures a harmonious balance between performance and efficiency.

Technical Prowess: Shimano Drivetrain and Magura Brakes

The Cortina Edizione Limitata features a 10-speed drivetrain from Shimano, delivering precision and versatility to riders. Magura MT4 disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, adding a layer of safety to the urban commute. Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H tires (700x40c) ensure all-terrain traction and all-weather performance, making the bike suitable for a variety of riding conditions.

Craftsmanship and Components: Aesthetic Excellence

E-MV Agusta spares no detail in the Cortina’s craftsmanship, incorporating components from top-tier OEMs. From Ritchey leather grips and saddle to a CNC-milled stem and seatpost, the bike exudes luxury and attention to detail. This masterpiece of mobility comes with a price tag of 3,800 euros (approximately $4,100), reflecting the combination of performance, design, and quality components.

MV Agusta’s foray into e-bikes signifies not only a commitment to sustainable urban mobility but also a celebration of craftsmanship and design. The Cortina Edizione Limitata stands as a testament to the brand’s ability to seamlessly blend art and functionality, inviting riders to experience the joy of commuting in style and elegance. As the electric bicycle landscape evolves, MV Agusta’s unique entry sets a new standard for the intersection of art and eco-friendly innovation.

MV Agusta Now Makes E-Bikes, Cortina Edizione Limitata Unveiled
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