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Ola Electric Scooter Takes the Plunge: Underwater Testing and Survival

The video featuring an underwater test of the Ola electric scooter, specifically the S1 Pro trim, provides a hands-on look at various aspects of the scooter’s performance and build quality. Ola is a well-known Indian electric vehicle startup, and its electric scooters, including the S1 Pro and S1 Air, have gained popularity, especially among younger buyers.

Here are some of the key observations and tests from the video:

Boot Space Test: The vlogger demonstrates that the Ola S1 Pro’s boot space can hold 36 liters of water, as claimed by the company. The water drains out quickly when emptied.

Waterproof Test: The scooter is ridden through a compact pool of water without encountering any issues. The scooter continues to function properly despite being submerged in water.

Range Test: The vlogger tests the scooter’s claimed range by riding it in Sport mode. The scooter displays a range of 118 km on a full charge, and he confirms that he was able to achieve this range during the test.

Weight Test: Ola claims the scooter’s weight to be around 125 kg. The vlogger measures the weight to be 128 kg, which is very close to the company’s claim.

Tablecloth Test: The vlogger attaches the scooter to a tablecloth and drives it at high speed, causing the cloth to pull from underneath the cutlery. However, this test doesn’t provide significant insights into the scooter’s performance or durability.

While the video showcases some of the scooter’s features and capabilities, it’s important to note that real-world experiences and long-term ownership may reveal additional insights into its quality and performance. Ola, like other EV manufacturers, continues to work on addressing any quality-related issues to provide a better user experience for its customers.

Ola Electric Scooter Takes the Plunge: Underwater Testing and Survival
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