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TVS Patents Design for XL Electric: A New Entry in India’s Commercial 2-Wheel Electric Market

TVS Motor Company, a prominent Indian 2-wheel and 3-wheel mobility provider, has patented a design for an electric vehicle (EV) named TVS XL Electric. This move indicates the company’s interest in entering the commercial 2-wheel EV market. Here are the key details from the design patent:

1. TVS XL Electric Design

The TVS XL Electric design appears to draw inspiration from TVS’s XL 100 ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) moped.

The vehicle has a minimalistic design with a central spine tubular chassis.

Unlike the XL 100, there are no pedals, and it doesn’t qualify as a moped.

The empty front apron area, which used to house the fuel tank in the XL 100, now contains batteries.

The electric motor appears to be mid-mounted, with a chain drive sending power to the rear wheel.

The design includes split seats and features RSU telescopic front forks and dual shock absorbers at the rear.

The headlights resemble those of the XL 100.

The EV’s battery and motor are expected to provide approximately 60 km of range on a single charge.

2. Commercial and Private Use

TVS XL Electric could serve as an ideal vehicle for last-mile delivery businesses in both B2B and B2C models.

The design patent includes a saree guard, indicating that TVS may also target private buyers.

3. Pedal Integration Possibility

The mid-mounted motor’s position is suitable for potential pedal integration, although the design currently lacks pedals.

4. Future Launch

TVS is set to unveil or launch this new electric vehicle in August.

This release could introduce TVS into India’s growing commercial 2-wheel EV market, competing with other upcoming models like the Kinetic Luna electric.

5. TVS’ Electric Portfolio

TVS already has the iQube lineup of electric scooters in its electric portfolio.

While the XL Electric targets commercial use, TVS is also expected to introduce more high-end electric scooters, possibly based on the Creon design concept.

TVS Patents Design for XL Electric: A New Entry in India’s Commercial 2-Wheel Electric Market
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